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Why does Hawaii have the highest fatality rate in the nation for auto/pedestrian accidents with 6.81 deaths per every 100,000 adults 65 and older? It is even worse for pedestrians 75 or older who have a fatality rate of 9.75 per 100,000. Read the article.

"It is an epidemic" says Attorney Richard Turbin, quoted in the attached article regarding Ruben Perez, hit at 10:30 a.m. in July 2014, when a pickup truck plowed into Ruben Perez and dragged him 10 feet. Ruben ended up in Queen's emergency room with brain injuries, fractures, and skin ripped off his lower leg. After 45 days, Perez was transferred to a rehab facility.

In another pedestrian accident, Attorney Richard Turbin was lead counsel on a pedestrian accident against the injured parties' own Under Insured Motorist "UIM" policy, which was settled for $500,000. There was an earlier settlement with the at fault driver's insurance company before a claim was made against the UIM policy, which typically require a determination in an arbitration proceeding. The injured party was standing in the cross walk, about 4 feet from the curb of a major street and intersection in Honolulu at 8:30 p.m. where she was attempting to flag down a taxi. A car hit her and threw her in the air about 15 feet. She was badly injured and required surgery. Her insurance company lawyer claimed that she was over 50% negligent, where under the law, she would get nothing. However, we proved that the driver had ample time to observe that the pedestrian was in the cross walk and should have stopped before striking her. Ultimately the insurance company agreed and settled the case just before the arbitration proceeding commenced.

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