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When a drug addict is your surgeon

For people dealing with a serious medical condition, surgery is generally the last resort, because of all the risks involved. When the operation goes well, you still could have to endure a long, painful recovery. And if there are complications, you could end up permanently disabled.

That is why when you need an operation, you find the best surgeon available and must rely on them to treat you with the high level of care and attention you deserve. Because a reckless or careless surgeon can cause terrible damage to your body that lasts the rest of your life.

Bad surgeon, bad result

In an example of what can happen, a woman from outside of Hawaii has won her medical malpractice lawsuit against the spinal surgeon whose botched operation caused her horrific pain and disfigurement. The jury awarded her $1.2 million in damages, according to the Yakmia Herald.

The woman was suffering from the effects of scoliosis when she went to the surgeon’s clinic in 2011. The surgeon prescribed a spinal operation, which took place in July of that year.

Instead of relieving her symptoms, the procedure actually made her spine worse. The pain was so bad that it made her pass out at times. Her spine became bent. Three years would pass before further surgery finally corrected the damage.

History of drug abuse

Evidence from the trial shows that the surgeon has a checkered career. He was caught with painkillers in his system after he performed “abnormal behavior” during a 2012 surgery and was removed from the procedure. He later underwent inpatient addiction treatment and agreed to random drug testing and monitoring in order to keep his medical license.

The purpose of medical malpractice damages

The damages probably will go to compensating the plaintiff for her extensive medical and physical rehab bills. The verdict cannot give her back those three years of her life, but it can help ensure that her finances don’t suffer because of her ex-surgeon’s negligence.

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