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What to do when your Uber is in an accident

Many people visit Hawaii every year for vacation. In 2016, tourists spent a combined 5,461,879 days on the island of Oahu alone. That number does not even include all the beautiful islands Hawaii has to offer. 

When tourists visit, they may not feel comfortable driving themselves. They may not even have a car readily available. Therefore, many tourists rely on services such as Uber and Lyft to take them around. While most of these rides go smoothly, there is the possibility of your Uber driver ending up in an accident. It is important to remain calm and collect yourself so you can get through this incident safely. 

Receive a medical evaluation

After getting in a crash, you should contact 911 and visit a nearby hospital. You may feel all right at the moment, but it is better to play it safe than sorry. Some car injuries do not show themselves until several weeks later. At that point, your claim may not go as smoothly. Whiplash injuries in particular may not present symptoms until much later.

Get both drivers' insurance information

Uber and Lyft expect drivers to carry their own insurance policies, so you should speak with the driver to see about covering any expenses. Similarly to any other car accident, you also want to retrieve the insurance information for the other driver. This is also a good time to collect any other information that could benefit you down the line. Take pictures of the damaged vehicles and see if there were any eyewitnesses who saw the crash. 

Contact the app

After you take care of all pressing matters, you can then notify Uber or Lyft to let them know you were in a ride involved in a collision. There have been instances when the company will handle some of the insurance matters. Ultimately, the company will look into the matter and determine whether the driver is a liability and should have privileges revoked. 

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