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January 2018 Archives

What is the Jones Act?

When a Hawaiian worker is hurt while performing the duties of their job, there are laws in place that may provide the worker with compensation for the period of time that he or she is unable to work. Additionally, there are other laws that may give them rights to sue if their injuries are the fault of their employer. However, if that worker's job is on a ship, oilrig or other offshore vessel, the protections just mentioned may not apply to them.

A review of Hawaii's medical malpractice statute of limitations

When a doctor makes a mistake during a surgical procedure, the error may be discovered immediately. For example, it is very clear when a patient suffers a wrong-site surgical error because they may come out of their procedure to see that their operation was performed on the wrong side of their body. However, not all medical mistakes are obvious at the time they occur. In some cases, affected patients may not know that they are victims of medical malpractice for a number of months or even years.

Cyberattackers find new target: healthcare. Are patients at risk?

Thanks to the massive data breaches of Equifax and other credit-reporting agencies last year, hopefully you know better than to click on that link from an unrecognized email or weird-sounding forward from a coworker. Unfortunately, all of the increased attention on cybersecurity means hackers have turned to another source of unprotected data: your health records.

What damages are available in a wrongful death case?

If a Honolulu resident loses a loved one in a tragic negligence or recklessness-based accident, then they may have the right to sue the party or parties who caused their loved one's passing. Spouses, children, parents, personal representatives and individuals who relied on the victim for financial support may all have rights to initiate these legal claims. When a wrongful death lawsuit is filed the pleading parties may seek a variety of damages.

Standard of care is a key part of medical malpractice law

Malpractice claims arise when medical professionals fail in their duty to provide reasonable care for the patients in their care. Cases of medical malpractice occur in Hawaii.and when they do ,victims are left in worse states of health than they were in prior to engaging the services of medical practitioners. This post will review one important component of pleading a medical malpractice case: the standard of care that a medical professional is expected to offer to the patients under their care.

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