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February 2018 Archives

Understanding the elements of a slip and fall case

Although Hawaii is known for its beautiful vistas and sun-drenched beaches, it is not uncommon for residents and tourists to experience the powerful and sometimes violent rain storms that blow in from the ocean. After a storm, the roads and sidewalks throughout Honolulu may be riddled with puddles and slick with rain. While wetness is generally something that people can safely cope with it can cause otherwise safe surfaces to become slick.

What is whiplash and how is it caused by vehicle accidents?

Accident victims can suffer a wide variety of injuries; some minor and other major. Whiplash is one of them, and it is an injury that occurs in the area of a person's cervical spine or neck. It happens when a person's head is thrown forward and backward, resulting in a sprain or strain to the affected area. Honolulu residents who have been rear-ended or in other forms of motor vehicle accidents may have experienced this painful and sometimes extremely serious condition.

We represent victims of medical malpractice incidents

Doctor visits are rarely fun. In fact, most of the time, people go to see their physicians because they are either hurt or sick. When a health problem or crisis arises in the life of a Hawaii resident, they may have to make a trip to their preferred hospital or clinic to have their ailment remedied by a medical professional.

Bicyclist seriously injured by racing vehicle

One of the major draws of living in or visiting the Hawaiian Islands is the opportunity for people to be outside for much of the year. While other parts of the country experience bone-chilling cold and heavy snow, Honolulu residents can generally pass time outdoors in shorts. The pleasant weather of the region allows people to engage in a host of year-round outdoor activities, and one of these activities that are popular with individuals of all ages is cycling.

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