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What is whiplash and how is it caused by vehicle accidents?

Accident victims can suffer a wide variety of injuries; some minor and other major. Whiplash is one of them, and it is an injury that occurs in the area of a person's cervical spine or neck. It happens when a person's head is thrown forward and backward, resulting in a sprain or strain to the affected area. Honolulu residents who have been rear-ended or in other forms of motor vehicle accidents may have experienced this painful and sometimes extremely serious condition.

A whiplash injury can manifest in some unpleasant symptoms. While a person may not initially realize that they have suffered whiplash, in the hours or even days after their accident their symptoms may begin. Those symptoms can include but are not limited to pains in the neck and head, tightness in the neck and upper body, dizziness, problems with memory and concentration as well as issues with balance and coordination.

After suffering a motor vehicle accident a victim should seek immediate medical treatment for their injuries as well as assessments of their condition. Early diagnosis of a whiplash injury may allow a victim to begin recuperating shortly after sustaining their harm and start them on the road to recovery. A whiplash injury that is left untreated can create more serious and painful problems for the victim as time goes on.

Victims of car accidents who have suffered whiplash injuries tend to have losses from their unfortunate ordeals. However, they also have rights to seek financial recompense for the expenses and suffering their accidents have caused. It can be helpful for them to speak with personal injury attorneys about the possible legal paths they may take to becoming whole again.

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