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A review of common car accident injuries

Not long ago, this Honolulu-based personal injury legal blog offered an article on how motor vehicle accident victims could suffer serious whiplash injuries. This post will expand on that topic, introducing some of the other common forms of injuries that individuals may suffer if they are involved in car crashes and collisions. Although readers are encouraged to review this information, they are reminded that the contents provided do not offer any legal or medical advice.

An unfortunate number of vehicle accident victims suffer significant harm to their heads. This is because when a person's car is hit, the impact can force their head to move forward and backward at a rapid pace. While this movement can also be the cause of whiplash, a neck and spine injury, it can also cause a victim's head to hit a steering wheel, window or other interior surface of a car and may result in concussion or other significant trauma.

Other parts of a victim's body can suffer harm from collisions as well. Bones in the appendages and rib cage can break when the forces of violent collisions act upon them, and significant injury can befall a victim's internal organs when their car sustains an impact. Some car accident injuries are minor, but others can be extremely debilitating and can leave victims with life-long medical problems.

After a vehicle accident, a victim should seek medical attention to ensure that their injuries receive prompt care. Even minor bruises and cuts should be assessed so that they do not become bigger problems later on. Once a victim has attended to their medical needs, they may wish to begin investigating their rights to be compensated for their accident-related losses.

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