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Always see a doctor following a car accident

Hawaiian roadways are not exempt from terrible traffic fatalities. Between Jan. 1, 2016, to Nov. 13 of the same year, 100 people lost their lives throughout Hawaii. While most people survive traffic collisions, there are still a number of injuries people can develop as a result of a crash.

You may feel all right and not want to go to a doctor because you simply want to go home and rest after such a traumatic experience. However, you always want to see a doctor after a car accident because you want to make sure your insurance provider pays for any medical expenses and vehicle repair costs in a timely manner. This is especially important because there are a number of injuries that may not show themselves until weeks or months after the crash. 

Psychological trauma

It may not necessarily be your body that takes on most of the damage following a motor vehicle accident. Following a crash, some people develop phobias, and over time, they may be unable to get inside a vehicle even as a passenger. This may require therapy and psychological treatment so that the person can live a normal life once again. 

Traumatic brain injuries

Car accidents often result in whiplash. This not only can result in damage to the spine, but also to the brain. Doctors can perform scans right away to see if a person involved in a crash has sustained any injuries. The sooner treatment can start, the better off you will be. However, by waiting months, you may develop symptoms such as forgetfulness, constant nausea, drastic mood swings and other serious issues.

Herniated discs

Another potential problem with whiplash is a herniated disc. This occurs when tissue between vertebrae becomes ruptured. This places a lot of pressure on the spine. Over time, this can result in extreme pain in the back, legs and arms. After a vehicle collision, doctors can perform CT scans, X-rays and discograms to determine the extent of your damage.  

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