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Avoid social media after a motor vehicle accident

Hawaiian law enforcement has gone to great lengths to educate residents of public safety issues with the state's roadways. The state's Department of Transportation invested in numerous campaigns over the years to inform residents of such dangers as driving while under the influence and driving without wearing a seat belt. 

While fatalities make up a minority of car accident outcomes, plenty of people sustain injuries. You will need to see a doctor and follow your insurance agency's protocol to ensure you get as much health care coverage as you need. Unfortunately, many people have yet to realize posting on social media before a case is over can lead to extremely negative outcomes. 

Posting information related to injuries

You may have suffered a severe case of whiplash following a collision, but you do not want your friends to worry. Therefore, you post on social media that you feel fine. Insurance agencies will look through your social media and use comments like this to deny your full coverage. An insurance adjuster may assume you exaggerated your injury to the agency to get more money. Insurance companies will use any discrepancies they can find to avoid paying as much. 

Posting potentially incriminating evidence related to the events of the crash

Even if the accident was clearly the other driver's fault, you may make a casual comment on Facebook that goes against the real story. For example, you may post a story of the ordeal and say something such as, "I did not even see him coming." This statement implies there is more you could have done to avoid the crash, and you share part of the blame. Regardless if it is true, your insurance agency will take note. 

Posting emotional outbursts

In general, you want to keep your cool after a collision. You do not want to post a long rant where you berate the other driver. If this case goes to court, then the other driver's side can use that post to garner sympathy. Ultimately, you are better off not posting anything until the incident is over. 

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