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Do I have legal recourse if my doctor misdiagnosis my illness?

Most people trust that when they go to their doctors, they will receive a careful review of their symptoms and overall health from their medical professionals. They may expect to be asked questions about how they feel or may expect to submit to testing so their doctors can gain more information about their conditions. When a Honolulu resident leaves their doctor's office, they generally should feel confident that their medical professional has correctly identified the source of their ailment and has provided him or her with a treatment that will improve their health.

Unfortunately, this is not always how doctors' visits play out. In fact, from time to time a person may leave their medical professional's office with a diagnosis that is erroneous. Misdiagnoses occur when doctors fail to comprehensively review their patients' conditions and fail to order further analyses and testing that may yield better information regarding what ailments their patients are dealing with.

Doctors often undertake a process that is called differential diagnosis. During the differential diagnosis process, a doctor looks for expected or common conditions that may explain their patients' ailments. As these conditions are eliminated, doctors work down to less common and more involved possible diagnoses. A doctor who stops their differential diagnosis review before fully vetting a patient's condition may give their patient an erroneous diagnosis that could lead to longer and more serious problems.

Misdiagnosis can form the basis of a medical malpractice claim. As with all personal injury matters, medical malpractice matters are case-specific and should be reviewed by legal professionals. Victims are encouraged to learn more about their legal rights before the statute of limitations for their claims run out.

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