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Understanding injuries incurred at hotels and resorts

Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The pleasant climate and array of exciting outdoor adventures that are available for visitors to experience make it one of the most sought after destinations for travelers. When travelers arrive on the islands, they are often taken to magnificent resorts and hotels that offer them comfortable accommodations for the duration of their visits.

Many hotels and resorts undertake extensive measures to prepare for travelers. This is because guests at hotels and travelers can be considered invitees on these types of properties. Invitees are individuals who are invited to the hotels and resorts, rather than trespassers or licensees, who go onto properties for their own and sometimes illegal business.

The distinction of a traveler as an invitee at their hotel or resort is important because if that traveler sustains injuries where they are staying then they may have rights to sue for their losses. For example, if a traveler suffers an injury-causing fall due to spilled water in a hotel lobby that the management failed to clean up, then that victim may be able to pursue their accident-related losses through a premises liability lawsuit.

Personal injury victims who are invitees generally have legal rights under premises liability law when their harm is sustained in places where they are invited to be. At a resort, this could include common spaces like the pool or lobby, the guests' rooms, dining facilities on the premises or spas. If the traveler went into a part of the hotel where they were not to go and were warned not to go, their rights to sue may not survive if their harmed was sustained while in a prohibited location.

Travelers who are hurt while away from home should always take the time to understand their rights. Doing so may enable them to collect their losses and work toward becoming whole in the wake of their injuries.

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