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Do not fall victim to hidden injuries after a car accident

Although many people journey to Hawaii for fun, the islands are not immune to the epidemic of auto accidents that plagues the rest of the United States. In 2017 alone, 101 fatalities occurred on Hawaiian roadways. This is a decrease from the previous year, which saw 112 fatalities. 

Fortunately, many people involved in auto accidents do not sustain serious injuries, but it is still critical to see a doctor. A car accident, similar to any other traumatic event, causes adrenaline to run high, so you may not be aware a certain part of your body hurts at the moment. Seeing a doctor immediately will inform you of whether you sustained any serious, hidden injuries. Knowing this information as soon as possible will help immensely with your insurance claim. 

Traumatic brain injuries

Many people experience whiplash after a collision in a vehicle. The sudden change of accelerating and then abruptly coming to a complete stop causes the brain to make contact with the interior of the skull. This injury can occur whether the crash came from the rear or side. Some of the more immediate symptoms you will notice in the days and weeks following the crash include headaches, jaw pain, dizziness and stiffness in the neck. Without treatment, the long-term symptoms can include emotional problems and changes in speech patterns.

Shoulder injuries

The shoulder is prone to injury after a car accident due to the seat belt. The shoulder belt causes your body to move forward in a twisting motion, resulting in bruises and strains. In some cases, people require surgery to repair the ligaments in the shoulder. 

Herniated discs

Whiplash can do a lot more than damage the brain. It can also leave lasting trauma to a person's spine, especially when a disc becomes herniated. This occurs when a vertebra moves out of its normal position, causing it to inflame nerves within the spine. Symptoms from this may not develop until weeks later, and a doctor's visit immediately after a crash ensures there is a definitive link between the collision and your injury. 

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