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Distracted driving can be the cause of car accidents in Hawaii

Not more than a few decades ago, young drivers were warned to avoid drunk driving, to operate within the posted speeds of the roads and to take their time when making maneuvers on streets and highways. While all of those precautions are still relevant today, new Hawaiian drivers now must contend with a myriad of other hazards that simply did not exist when their parent were learning to drive. In particular, hand-held devices like cellphones are a modern and major form of distraction to drivers of all ages, and they are a threat to the personal safety of all individuals on Honolulu roads.

A cellphone takes a driver's eyes off of the road and diverts them to the screen of the device the driver has chosen to use. In essence, a cellphone is a distraction and a danger to the driver, their passengers and everyone else they encounter. Distractions come in many other forms, all of which can put drivers and other motorists in harm's way.

Eating and drinking while driving can be distractions, as can talking to passengers while driving. Some drivers try to catch up on work while they drive and send emails or texts, while others use the small screens of phones to watch videos when their eyes should be on the roads before them.

Distracted driving is doing anything while driving that takes the driver's attention away from the task of operating their vehicle. Distracted driving is the cause of many accidents throughout the United States and claims the lives of car accident victims both young and old. When a distracted driving collision occurs, victims can often use the responsible driver's conduct as grounds for liability to seek recovery for their accident-related losses.

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