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Helping you take action following a diagnostic error

When we think of Hawaii, we often think of paradise and a happy place to be. While the weather and atmosphere are pleasant on the islands of Hawaii, this does not mean bad things do not occur. Resident get sick or injured just like anyone else, and when this occurs, they too rely on the expertise of medical professionals. Unfortunately, the work of doctors is not always sound. Errors and mistakes could occur, causing a patient to suffer harms. When medical error happen, it is possible for injured patients to take action, helping them hold a negligent medical professional accountable while also seeking a monetary award for his or her losses.

When problems occur during and following medical care, we don't' often think medical malpractice right away. In fact, we are often led to believe it was a risk associated with the treatment plan. But what if a patient was administered the wrong treatment plan? The attorneys at Turbin Chu Heidt, Attorneys at law, understand that diagnostic errors can happen. Our law firm is also aware that misdiagnoses are the frequent cause for worsened conditions and even death of patients. Thus, we are devoted to helping injured patients in the Honolulu area understand and exert their rights.

Our skilled attorneys take the time to look at the situation at its entirety. This means combing through all medical documentations. Our goal is to assess where the error occurred and who was responsible. It is possible that more than one party is accountable. Because medical malpractice cases can become complex, we often seek assistance from other professionals. Obtaining expert testimony helps us understand what the level of care should have been and how these errors could have been avoided.

To learn more, check out our law firm's medical malpractice website. We go to the doctor thinking it will make us better not worse. Thus, when our health is compromised by a medical mistake, it is vital to take action. This not only holds the responsible medical professional accountable but also helps with the recovery of compensation for the resulting losses and damages.

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