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Medication errors are a preventable form of medical malpractice

Certain illnesses and ailments are treatable by pharmaceuticals. For example, if a Honolulu resident is unfortunate enough to come down with strep throat, their doctor may prescribe them an antibiotic to treat the infection and help them regain their health. In hospitals, offices and treatment centers throughout the country, individuals are given medications to improve their conditions and help them get better.

However, while one medication may improve the condition of a suffering patient, the wrong medication may do them extensive harm. Medication errors are an unfortunately common form of medical mistake and can form the basis of medical malpractice claims against negligent health care providers. What makes medication errors so frustrating is the fact that they can be prevented with proper patient instruction and follow-up care.

When a patient is discharged from their medical facility they should be given instructions about any medications that they should continue to take as they recuperate at home. This gives the patient and the health care provider assurance that the patient is taking the correct drug. After discharge, any subsequent appointments the patient has with their doctor should include a review of the drugs the patient is taking and how those medications affect their condition.

Situations have occurred where through miscommunication patients have been given drugs with names that sound very similar to the medications they were intended to receive. These mistakes can have deadly consequences, not only from interactions that the patients may suffer from the wrong drugs but also from a failure of their medical care providers to actually treat their underlying ailments. These types of medical mistakes should not occur, but when they do occur, victims may have rights to seek compensation through medical malpractice claims for their losses. This legal claim could help with the recovery of losses and damages stemming from the incident.

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