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Could your hotel be liable for your injuries?

If you get injured on the property of your Hawaiian hotel or resort, it is possible that the establishment could be found liable for your injuries. You would have to show negligence, meaning that hotel or resort staff knew about the potential for danger, yet did nothing.

To give an obvious example, a hotel employee mopped the floor in the lobby, leaving the surface slick. No caution signs were put up, and you slipped and fell, badly injuring yourself.

Slip-and-fall situations

Slip-and-fall accidents or tripping incidents occur in different forms on hotel property. For instance, a sidewalk or staircase could be improperly maintained, or a sprinkler head might be put in a place where it is easy to miss and easy for someone to trip on.

Hotels and resorts should also put up cautionary signage around pools warning guests not to run and that children should be supervised.

Security issues

Hotels are responsible for keeping their premises as secure as possible. So, if a stray dog is known to roam the property, the staffers do nothing, and the dog bites you one day, negligence could be at play. Similarly, if the parking lights in a hotel lot burn out and are left that way for many days or weeks, a hotel might be found responsible if a guest was mugged or assaulted. There could be responsibility even if the guest tripped on something in the dark.

The guest's obligation

Hotel guests do have some degree of obligation when it comes to their safety. For example, a guest who has never stayed at a hotel, or at least one that has a pool, might not be expected to understand the need to take care when walking through areas frequented by pool guests. However, if you often stay at the same hotel or at hotels with pools, the hotel could argue that your prior knowledge should have alerted you to be careful in a specific area and that walking instead of running would have prevented your slip-and-fall injury.

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