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Common causes of boat accidents

Accidents happen every day on the roads and highways that cross the Hawaiian Islands. However, boat accidents are also real threats to individuals who enjoy spending time in and on the water. There are many different reasons that accidents between boats, swimmers and other water-based vessels occur, and this post will address several of them.

It is often the fault of a boat's driver for causing a dangerous boating accident. Too often drivers who do not have enough experience get into vessels that they are not prepared to operate and put themselves and others in harm's way. Also, experienced drivers can pose threats to others when they fail to exercise the proper precautions for conditions or are distracted while operating their watercrafts.

Another cause of boating accidents is identical to one that causes many vehicle accidents: speed. Speeding on the water can be deadly, as conditions can rapidly change. Another vessel may veer into a speeding boat's path or a speeding driver may not see a swimmer as they shoot across the surface. Speed is a dangerous factor that can contribute to boating accidents.

Finally, drinking is not only dangerous for drivers of motor vehicles. Drunk boaters cause injuries and deaths each year. Drunk boating is a harmful practice, as intoxicated individuals do not often make safe and appropriate choices regarding the operation of their vessels.

Boating accidents are often preventable and can afflict private watercrafts, chartered vessels and other types of water-based vehicles. The injuries that victims can suffer in boating accidents range from minor to life-threatening. These personal injuries may come with legal options for those seeking damages through the civil courts.

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