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September 2018 Archives

Understand repercussions of settling a medical malpractice case

After a damaging or debilitating medical accident a Hawaii resident may not have the energy to think about fighting a lengthy legal battle over the recovery of their losses. The idea of engaging with the medical practitioners who caused their harm may sound unpleasant and they may be open to any options available that could shorten the time between suffering their harm and getting compensated. Possibly the most common way a person can manage the recovery of their damages before a lawsuit is through settlement, but those who choose to undergo the process should have a firm understanding of what they give up when they form a settlement agreement.

What constitutes a catastrophic injury?

An injury of any kind is likely to disrupt your life and routine. Whether you suffer a sprain that heals is a few weeks or a bone fracture that demands months of recovery, the frustration and pain you will experience are sure to make an impact. Some injuries have a far more devastating impact, though, and leave victims' bodies with irrevocable evidence of a traumatic accident. 

New report highlights frequency of pedestrian accidents in Hawaii

Both visitors and residents alike tend to spend as much time as possible outdoors when they are on the Hawaiian Islands. This can mean choosing to walk to one's favorite dining spot, beach or park in lieu of driving simply because it is so pleasant to be close to nature. However, when individuals choose to travel on foot rather than in the protective confines of vehicles they may find themselves at risk of suffering injuries or death due to dangerous drivers.

3 permanent injuries that may have delayed symptoms

A minor injury might not appear to inflict trauma beyond ruining your day. A more severe incident can inflict lifelong consequences and begin a process of ongoing recovery. Both may not be immediately apparent, though, regardless of how serious the injury is. If you have been in any kind of accident where you sustained physical trauma, you should seek medical treatment whether or not an injury is obvious.

Speeding is a dangerous driving practice

Law enforcement offices throughout Hawaii patrol officers to catch individuals who operate their vehicles above the posted speed limits. Individuals who drive over the speed limit can be ticketed for their actions and if their speeding is egregious they may face more serious legal consequences such as reckless driving charges. Speeding is against the law and is penalized because it is dangerous. Individuals who operate faster than is safely possible put themselves and others at risk of serious injury or death.

Can I sue if I am attacked by my neighbor's dog?

Dog bites and other attacks by domestic animals can be incredibly serious and can inflict life-threatening injuries on victims. It is important that, in the wake of such an incident, a victim seeks medical attention to ensure that their injuries are attended to and that they are assessed for any potential exposure to animal-carried diseases. In Hawaii, the victim of a dog bite or attack generally may sue for their losses through a civil personal injury claim.

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