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3 permanent injuries that may have delayed symptoms

A minor injury might not appear to inflict trauma beyond ruining your day. A more severe incident can inflict lifelong consequences and begin a process of ongoing recovery. Both may not be immediately apparent, though, regardless of how serious the injury is. If you have been in any kind of accident where you sustained physical trauma, you should seek medical treatment whether or not an injury is obvious.

Plenty of injuries do not exhibit symptoms immediately. This is true of permanent injuries, too. The following are three examples of permanent injuries that you may not experience immediate symptoms of. Consider options for treatment a recourse as you recover from the accident.

1. Traumatic brain injuries

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention links traumatic brain injury to approximately 30 percent of all injury-related deaths. Trauma to the head causes TBI and can be permanent. Symptoms of a TBI include sudden changes in a person's behavior and disposition, including loss of memory and movement. These symptoms may not appear until weeks or months after the initial trauma, though.

2. Nerve damage

Nerve damage is a particularly traumatic injury that may leave a person debilitated if left untreated. Initial symptoms often take the form of tingling feelings, which may seem minor enough to dismiss. Symptoms may progress into burning and numbness, and these symptoms indicate more severe injury. If you have experienced any of these sensations, you may be dealing with nerve damage after an accident.

3. Bone fractures

It may sound unlikely that someone could ignore a broken bone, but fractures are not always obvious after they occur. The adrenaline rush of being in an accident can inhibit the pain that would otherwise result from such an injury. If bone fractures are not treated, though, they may not heal correctly and can turn into a permanent injury.

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