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December 2018 Archives

Damages one may recover in a wrongful death lawsuit

There is one unfortunate fact for everyone in Hawaii and that is that at some point in time everyone will pass away. How it will occur will vary greatly though. Some will die of natural causes after living a long, full life, but others dies relatively young due to a disease or illness or because of injuries suffered in a fatal accident. Anytime a loved one dies it can be difficult for the family and friends who survive them, but those that die in fatal accidents can be particularly difficult because they are unexpected, leaving the loved ones no time to prepare.

Campaign highlights drunk driving dangers in Hawaii

You may have noticed the beat-up cars lining stretches of Farrington Highway recently. More than an eyesore, these unfortunate vehicles serve as a reminder of the tragedy that drunk driving can inflict on residents and visitors of Hawaii. The holiday season may have just ended, but it is always a good time to be aware of the risks you and your family can face from intoxicated drivers.

Basic elements of a insurance bad faith claim

When people in Hawaii need medical care usually they have no choice but to go to the doctor or medical facility and receive the proper care. However, this can be very costly as medical care and prescriptions can be expensive. This can be especially hard for people who were injured due to the negligence of others. That is why having insurance is so important for many people. The negligent party's insurance may pay for some or all of the costs for the medical treatment. Even when insurance does not pay for everything, the payments they make can at least make the patient's costs manageable.

Common types of medical malpractice

There are many reasons that people in Hawaii go to clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities. It could be because they have an injury, an illness or even for preventative care. However, no matter what reason the person may go to the doctor they usually all have the same goal and that is to get better or maintain good health. While doctors cannot perform miracles, they expect that the doctors will do whatever they can to help.

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