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Stay safe on your morning jog

Jogging is a wonderful way to stay in shape and explore everything Honolulu has to offer. After all, jogging has a variety of health and other benefits. Still, you must be careful to avoid a collision with an automobile whilst on your morning run. 

As you probably know, motor vehicles weigh considerably more than you do. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the average passenger vehicle on the road today weighs around 4,000 pounds. While you may receive compensation from a motorist who injures you, you are better off avoiding an accident altogether. Here are some safety tips: 

1. Make eye contact with drivers 

If motorists cannot see you, your life may be in danger. Therefore, every time you jog, make eye contact with drivers before crossing roadways. Even better, think about giving a small wave to every motorist you see. If a driver acknowledges you, it is probably safe to enter the crosswalk. 

2. Plan your route 

While Honolulu has a network of sidewalks and trails perfect for a morning run, not everywhere in the city is friendly to joggers. As such, plan your route before you leave home. By jogging in places with little or no traffic, you decrease your chances of colliding with a car, truck or SUV. 

3. Run against traffic 

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are not exactly uncommon in Honolulu. If you must jog on the side of the road, always run against traffic. Naturally, if you jog with the flow of traffic, you may not be able to either see or hear a potentially hazardous situation. Also, run outside the traffic lane, giving yourself enough space to move to safety, if necessary. 

You want to stay safe every time you jog in and around Honolulu. By practicing some safe running techniques, you can enjoy your morning jog without sustaining a serious injury.

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