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Collecting roadway evidence is essential after a crash

Let us say the driver of a pickup truck sideswiped your car on Kamehameha Highway.

You do not know what caused the collision, but evidence collected at the site will provide clues.

Understanding a scene investigation

An investigation of the scene of a vehicle crash should proceed as soon as possible after the collision. Law enforcement officers will mark key items or areas of the site, and they will take photos and videos to add to their accident reports. However, legal teams and outside professionals will conduct more intensive investigations to discover further details about the cause of the accident and help determine who or what was at fault.

Finding evidence

In-depth investigations will turn up many types of evidence:

  •         Skid marks and tire tracks
  •         Gouges in the pavement or the dirt at the side of the road
  •         Fluid stains such as brake fluid, engine oil or blood
  •         Vehicle debris
  •         Broken glass from headlights and windshields
  •         Final resting positions of the vehicles
  •         Evidence indicating points of impact
  •         Pieces of cargo from vehicles or belongings left behind

A legal team may request the help of forensic engineers who can help determine whether a roadway defect or design flaw was in any way responsible for the accident, while accident reconstructionists may come in to help put the bits and pieces of evidence together.

Wanting answers

On a road like the Kamehameha Highway, natural elements like wind and rain can quickly eliminate many types of evidence, so investigators must begin collecting as much as possible as quickly as they can. As the injured victim of a car crash, you have the right to know what actually happened and why the other driver hit you. You also have the right to expect financial compensation to cover your current and future medical expenses, lost wages and more.

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