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Understanding injuries incurred at hotels and resorts

Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The pleasant climate and array of exciting outdoor adventures that are available for visitors to experience make it one of the most sought after destinations for travelers. When travelers arrive on the islands, they are often taken to magnificent resorts and hotels that offer them comfortable accommodations for the duration of their visits.

Understanding the elements of a slip and fall case

Although Hawaii is known for its beautiful vistas and sun-drenched beaches, it is not uncommon for residents and tourists to experience the powerful and sometimes violent rain storms that blow in from the ocean. After a storm, the roads and sidewalks throughout Honolulu may be riddled with puddles and slick with rain. While wetness is generally something that people can safely cope with it can cause otherwise safe surfaces to become slick.

Pursue compensation after an accident

Accidents happen all across the Hawaiian Islands each and every day. When they do, individuals who are harmed due to the negligent or reckless behavior of others find themselves facing serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries that are in no way the result of their own conduct. Often, these victims discover that despite the fact that they played no role in causing the accident, they are still responsible for paying the costs associated with getting their lives back to normal.

Owners are responsible for the harm their dogs cause

Dogs are wonderful additions to Hawaiian homes and in some cases the animals become cherished parts of their families. While most pet owners take their responsibilities seriously, from time to time a domestic animal such as a dog is involved in a dangerous personal injury incident. Dog bites can be serious medical conditions and this post will generally discuss how Hawaiian law addresses these unfortunate situations.

New ordinance in Honolulu emphasizes pedestrian safety

Residents of Honolulu are used to walking to and from many destinations. Because it is a gorgeous and convenient place to travel by foot, foot traffic is almost as common as motor vehicle traffic. Because roadways are altered to increase the safety for motorists, the same should be considered for those walking on sidewalks and near the streets. However, concern for pedestrian safety is not always in the forefront of people's minds.

State high court rules on falling rock case

A motor vehicle accident may have many causes in addition to a drunk, reckless or distracted driver. The Supreme Court of Hawaii recently ruled on a personal injury case involving a couple who were seriously injured when their car was crushed by a 160-ton rockfall. This was the first published opinion on highway rockfalls by the Court.

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