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Maternal deaths after delivery are on the rise

There are many risks that accompany the birth of a child and for that reason some Hawaiian women elect to have their babies in hospitals. It seems like a safe assumption that a hospital would be a good place to be if the unimaginable happened and either a birthing mother or newly arrived child required medical intervention. However, research shows that American hospitals are becoming increasingly dangerous to mothers who come to them to give birth: maternal deaths across the nation are on the rise.

What is Erb's palsy?

Although the birth of a child is usually a celebrated event in the lives of Hawaiian parents, some individuals do not have the luxury of easing into parenthood with healthy and thriving babies. An unfortunate number of children are born each year suffering from serious complications that result when the doctors and medical providers who are present at their births fail to exercise care and, instead, engage in negligent practices. One relatively common ailment that a baby may suffer from labor and delivery negligence is Erb's palsy.

You have rights when your healthcare is compromised

No one should leave the hospital as the victim of medical malpractice but an alarming number of individuals suffer harm at the hands of medical practitioners each and every year. Right here in Hawaii individuals suffer grievous injuries and mistreatment when their doctors, nurses and other medical care workers fail in their duties to provide their patients with reasonable care. The harm that a person may suffer due to the medical negligence of a medical practitioner may be worse than the actual ailment for which they initially sought treatment.

What can be done after a surgical mistake?

A surgical procedure may be deemed necessary by a person's doctor to remedy a medical problem that cannot be fixed with less invasive treatments. It may be needed to fix a muscular or organ-based ailment in a Hawaii resident, or it may be needed to remove a mass or tumor from a location in the patient's body. Many surgical procedures carry with them risks and patients must be made aware of those risks before they consent to undergo the operations.

Helping you take action following a diagnostic error

When we think of Hawaii, we often think of paradise and a happy place to be. While the weather and atmosphere are pleasant on the islands of Hawaii, this does not mean bad things do not occur. Resident get sick or injured just like anyone else, and when this occurs, they too rely on the expertise of medical professionals. Unfortunately, the work of doctors is not always sound. Errors and mistakes could occur, causing a patient to suffer harms. When medical error happen, it is possible for injured patients to take action, helping them hold a negligent medical professional accountable while also seeking a monetary award for his or her losses.

Medication errors are a preventable form of medical malpractice

Certain illnesses and ailments are treatable by pharmaceuticals. For example, if a Honolulu resident is unfortunate enough to come down with strep throat, their doctor may prescribe them an antibiotic to treat the infection and help them regain their health. In hospitals, offices and treatment centers throughout the country, individuals are given medications to improve their conditions and help them get better.

Medical errors are a real threat to patients' safety

Each year, thousands of men and women are treated by doctors and medical specialists for different injuries and illnesses. They expect that when professionals in the medical field see them that their ailments will be properly identified and will receive therapies and treatment that will improve their health. However, some patients become victims of medical malpractice when the care that they receive is tainted by medical mistakes.

Do I have legal recourse if my doctor misdiagnosis my illness?

Most people trust that when they go to their doctors, they will receive a careful review of their symptoms and overall health from their medical professionals. They may expect to be asked questions about how they feel or may expect to submit to testing so their doctors can gain more information about their conditions. When a Honolulu resident leaves their doctor's office, they generally should feel confident that their medical professional has correctly identified the source of their ailment and has provided him or her with a treatment that will improve their health.

We represent victims of medical malpractice incidents

Doctor visits are rarely fun. In fact, most of the time, people go to see their physicians because they are either hurt or sick. When a health problem or crisis arises in the life of a Hawaii resident, they may have to make a trip to their preferred hospital or clinic to have their ailment remedied by a medical professional.

A review of Hawaii's medical malpractice statute of limitations

When a doctor makes a mistake during a surgical procedure, the error may be discovered immediately. For example, it is very clear when a patient suffers a wrong-site surgical error because they may come out of their procedure to see that their operation was performed on the wrong side of their body. However, not all medical mistakes are obvious at the time they occur. In some cases, affected patients may not know that they are victims of medical malpractice for a number of months or even years.

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