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Skydiving plane crash in Hawaii kills 11

Many car, truck and aviation accidents are caused by negligence. Earlier this year, 11 people were killed in a Hawaii skydiving plane accident and a recent report shows that the company operating the plane did not have the necessary permits for skydiving. Reports show that this was the country's deadliest civil aviation accident since 2011.

Our attorneys can help you recover damages after your accident

Accidents happen every day in Hawaii, and the victims of these accidents suffer significant physical and emotional injuries. The recovery process can be extremely difficult, and only made worse by the medical bills piling up on the kitchen counter. With many personal injury accident victims unable to work for weeks or months after the accident, families may find themselves struggling to make ends meet during this difficult time.

What damages are available if I am injured in a car accident?

Victims of car accidents can suffer catastrophic injuries unexpectedly which is why they should be familiar with personal injury protections. Car accident victims may have questions they need answers to concerning the types of damages that are available through a personal injury claim.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents

People in Hawaii use different modes of transportation to get where they need to go. People drive cars, trucks, ride motorcycles, ride bicycles and sometimes simply walk to where they are going. Which type of transportation people decide to use usually depends on a number of factors such as how far the person is going, how much time they have to get there, the weather and other factors. No matter what people decide to use though it is important that they follow the rules of the road in order to help keep themselves and others on the roads safe.

Basic product liability laws in Hawaii

There are many different products that people in Hawaii use every day. There is also a lot of competition and many choices people have for similar products. Therefore, people generally do complete a little bit of research before buying products and, when they receive the product, they expect that it will work for its purpose. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and some products break very quickly. This can be very frustrating for the consumer.

How contributory negligence affects personal injury claims

Most people in Hawaii will suffer an injury at some point in time in their lives. These affect many different parts of the body and the severity can vary greatly as well. Some do not have a major effect on one's life, but some can completely change one's life potentially for the rest of their life. How the person is injured varies as much as the injuries themselves. Sometimes the injury occurs due to the person's own negligence, but in many other situations, the injury is caused by someone else's negligence.

When are property owners liable for injuries on their property?

There are many different property owners in Hawaii. Some simply own their home and the property immediately surrounding it, others are store owners, others own office buildings or hotels. Depending on the type of property, sometimes people are invited onto the property either directly such as a homeowner having guests over while others are implicitly invited onto the property such as store owners who allow customers onto the property. However, sometimes people are not invited onto the property and are trespassing.

Basic elements of a insurance bad faith claim

When people in Hawaii need medical care usually they have no choice but to go to the doctor or medical facility and receive the proper care. However, this can be very costly as medical care and prescriptions can be expensive. This can be especially hard for people who were injured due to the negligence of others. That is why having insurance is so important for many people. The negligent party's insurance may pay for some or all of the costs for the medical treatment. Even when insurance does not pay for everything, the payments they make can at least make the patient's costs manageable.

Get help when an insurer acts in bad faith

Paying the premiums on one's automobile insurance policies can feel like a financial hassle, especially when a person never seems to make any claims. However, in the event that a Hawaii resident suffers an injury in a car accident and must seek compensation from their insurer they should be aware of their rights. In some situations insurers engage in damaging practices that leave injured parties without the financial help that they need.

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