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Posts tagged "Personal Injury"

Get help when an insurer acts in bad faith

Paying the premiums on one's automobile insurance policies can feel like a financial hassle, especially when a person never seems to make any claims. However, in the event that a Hawaii resident suffers an injury in a car accident and must seek compensation from their insurer they should be aware of their rights. In some situations insurers engage in damaging practices that leave injured parties without the financial help that they need.

New report highlights frequency of pedestrian accidents in Hawaii

Both visitors and residents alike tend to spend as much time as possible outdoors when they are on the Hawaiian Islands. This can mean choosing to walk to one's favorite dining spot, beach or park in lieu of driving simply because it is so pleasant to be close to nature. However, when individuals choose to travel on foot rather than in the protective confines of vehicles they may find themselves at risk of suffering injuries or death due to dangerous drivers.

Can I sue if I am attacked by my neighbor's dog?

Dog bites and other attacks by domestic animals can be incredibly serious and can inflict life-threatening injuries on victims. It is important that, in the wake of such an incident, a victim seeks medical attention to ensure that their injuries are attended to and that they are assessed for any potential exposure to animal-carried diseases. In Hawaii, the victim of a dog bite or attack generally may sue for their losses through a civil personal injury claim.

Common causes of boat accidents

Accidents happen every day on the roads and highways that cross the Hawaiian Islands. However, boat accidents are also real threats to individuals who enjoy spending time in and on the water. There are many different reasons that accidents between boats, swimmers and other water-based vessels occur, and this post will address several of them.

A review of negligence as the grounds for a personal injury claim

This Honolulu-based personal injury legal blog has provided to its readers a number of informative posts that have discussed numerous ways that victims of personal injuries may encounter their harm. Victims are made through vehicle and boat accidents, the use of unsafe products and accidents at poorly maintained properties, and through poor care and attention by medical professionals. Although the ways in which personal injury victims are made are unique, there is generally one common element that ties all of their incidents together into a single legal theory: negligence.

Nursing home neglect is a serious legal matter

Not every injury that occurs in a Hawaiian nursing home is a case of abuse or neglect. However, it is sadly common for residents of these types of facilities to suffer serious and sometimes life-threatening harm when they receive substandard care. Negligence is often the basis for nursing home abuse and neglect claims, and this post will introduce some of the ways that it may factor into a personal injury case.

Representation for vacation accident victims

Hawaii is often described as a paradise. With its endless beaches and unique culture, there is no question why tourists from across the world seek it out as a vacation destination. However, when accidents happen and individuals find themselves suffering from injuries caused by others, getting help in paradise can be an absolute nightmare.

Understanding injuries incurred at hotels and resorts

Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The pleasant climate and array of exciting outdoor adventures that are available for visitors to experience make it one of the most sought after destinations for travelers. When travelers arrive on the islands, they are often taken to magnificent resorts and hotels that offer them comfortable accommodations for the duration of their visits.

Understanding the elements of a slip and fall case

Although Hawaii is known for its beautiful vistas and sun-drenched beaches, it is not uncommon for residents and tourists to experience the powerful and sometimes violent rain storms that blow in from the ocean. After a storm, the roads and sidewalks throughout Honolulu may be riddled with puddles and slick with rain. While wetness is generally something that people can safely cope with it can cause otherwise safe surfaces to become slick.

Pursue compensation after an accident

Accidents happen all across the Hawaiian Islands each and every day. When they do, individuals who are harmed due to the negligent or reckless behavior of others find themselves facing serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries that are in no way the result of their own conduct. Often, these victims discover that despite the fact that they played no role in causing the accident, they are still responsible for paying the costs associated with getting their lives back to normal.

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