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Do medical mistakes happen in emergency rooms?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Medical Malpractice |

Emergency rooms across the country are revolving doors of new medical cases and crises that can push medical practitioners to their limits as they work to triage and treat the men, women and children to arrive at them for help. Any reader of this Honolulu-based personal injury blog who has spent time in an ER may know that these specialized medical departments can be relatively calm or completely stressed with activity as emergency cases roll in. In the chaos of new patients and critical cases, emergency room doctors and staff have to do their best to provide everyone they encounter with appropriate care.

It is an unfortunate truth, though, that mistakes can happen in these important medical departments. Emergency room doctors can and do fail to make correct diagnoses of their patients, and also commit errors when they perform procedures on those that they treat. When mistakes happen in emergency rooms, patients can suffer needless pain and grief.

Suing a hospital or doctor for medical malpractice arising from an ER visit is possible, but careful analyses often must be undertaken to fully understand what parties may be advisable to pursue for compensation. In some cases the medical practitioners who work in emergency rooms are not employees of the hospitals where they perform work and therefore the hospitals where ER mistakes happen may not be eligible defendants in personal injury cases.

An emergency room should provide a patient with timely and appropriate medical care. Mistakes made in these critically important medical departments should be taken seriously. Lawsuits based on losses from ER mistakes may provide victims with financial support to help them reclaim their lives after suffering medical malpractice.