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Patients must give informed consent prior to medical treatment

There are many things that people in Hawaii do not know how to do. So, when they need help with those things they seek the assistance of professionals in that field who are trained to perform those types of work. If people need help with their plumbing, they call plumbers or go to car mechanics when their car breaks down. They also go to doctors when they have medical problems. Doctors go through extensive training so they are knowledgeable in a wide variety of procedures and diagnoses.

While much of this information is known to the doctors, most people who need the help do not understand it at all. Therefore, doctors must provide the information about the procedures in a manner they can understand prior to performing and medical procedures. Doctors need to explain why they want to do a certain procedure and the basics of how the procedure will be performed. They also need to explain the desired outcome of the procedure and any risks or side effects associated with the procedure. They also need to explain the patient's alternative options to the proposed procedure and what could happen with the alternatives.

Helping people injured at sea receive what they deserve

Most people in Hawaii spend time on the water. This is true for both the people who live here and for the tourists that come to enjoy this beautiful place. People do many different things on the water as well. People surf, go scuba diving, fishing, sailing, take rides on tour boats and many people also work on ships and boats on the water as well. Most of the time people enjoy their time on the water and then go back to their homes or hotels safely. However, from time to time people suffer injuries on the water as well.

There are many different scenarios which can lead to maritime accidents and people can suffer injuries as well. Some of these injuries can be very severe and have a major impact on people's lives. They can also be very costly as well. People may incur significant medical bills, even if they have insurance, and may lose income as well if they are unable to work while they recover from their injuries. This can leave the victims in very difficult situations both physically from the injuries and financially from all the costs.

Who can initiate a wrongful termination lawsuit?

At some point in time people in Hawaii will lose loved ones in their life. No one lives forever. The hope is that the loved one will live a long, full life and pass away peacefully in their sleep and many people do end up dying in that manner. However, many other people die much younger and unexpectedly. This could be because of a disease or illness or because of a fatal accident. Anytime this occurs it is very difficult on the family, but it can be particularly difficult when they know the accident could have been avoided.

If the accident was caused by the negligence of another, the accident should have never happened. Therefore, the person who caused the accident may be required to compensate the victim's family for what they did. This compensation can be extremely valuable because the deceased could have provided a significant portion of the income for the family in addition to love and support that is extremely difficult to replace. The compensation can pay for any lost future income, medical bills, funeral costs, loss of companionship and other damages.

Four-car accident results in one fatality

There are many things people can control when they are driving in Hawaii. They can control their speed, how close they travel behind other drivers, whether they signal their turns, whether they use their phones and many other factors. However, there are things they cannot control. They cannot control the weather which can create slippery driving conditions and most importantly they cannot control the other drivers on the roads. So, even when a driver is doing everything correctly, they still could be the victim of a car accident.

Unfortunately this is what recently happened to multiple drivers. A driver rear-ended another vehicle. The vehicle that was hit was then forced into another vehicle which then struck a fourth vehicle. The drivers of the vehicle that caused the accident and the driver of the car he rear-ended went to the hospital. The driver that was initially struck tragically died from his injuries. The drivers of the other two vehicles suffered minor injuries but did not go to the hospital. The cause of the accident is still under investigation, but speed may have been a factor.

Rental car accident: What to do next

Millions of people travel to Hawaii every year to go on vacation. In 2017 alone, approximately 9.3 million individuals traveled to the islands. All these people coming to Hawaii need to get around somehow, and many rely on rental cars to travel. 

There are many rental car companies in Hawaii because tourists want an easy way to get around. If you ever need to rent a car in Hawaii, then you should absolutely get the insurance because you never know if you will get in a car crash. It may not be your fault, but you still need to follow certain steps after an accident.

When are property owners liable for injuries on their property?

There are many different property owners in Hawaii. Some simply own their home and the property immediately surrounding it, others are store owners, others own office buildings or hotels. Depending on the type of property, sometimes people are invited onto the property either directly such as a homeowner having guests over while others are implicitly invited onto the property such as store owners who allow customers onto the property. However, sometimes people are not invited onto the property and are trespassing.

Property owners owe all people on their property a certain level of care to ensure that there are not dangerous conditions on their property. This is not a strict liability type of responsibility though, which means that just because a person suffers an injury on the property that the property owner is not necessarily automatically responsible for the injury.

Statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims

Many people in Hawaii need help at some point in time. Most people are not experts in everything that may go wrong with their house, car, finances and other aspects of life. Therefore, when they need plumbing help, assistance fixing electrical issues, fixing their cars or help with other problems they call plumbers, electricians and go to car mechanics to have the problems fixed. So, naturally when something goes wrong with their health they go to doctors and other medical professionals.

Maritime workers who are covered by the Jones Act

Hawaii has many businesses that operate on or around the ocean. These different business do many different types of work, but one major one is the shipping industry. There are many products that are transported over the ocean and many people work on the ships in the ship yards. These jobs are very important for the people who work the as they rely on them to earn their income and provide for them and their families. So, it is important that these people are healthy enough to actually work.

However, there are many dangers that can be associated with this industry and when maritime accidents occur the workers can suffer significant injuries. These injuries can force the injured workers to miss time at work and therefore lose income. They also can force the workers to incur significant medical bills, making their situation even worse financially. These injured works may be able to receive compensation for their injuries though.

Damages one may recover in a wrongful death lawsuit

There is one unfortunate fact for everyone in Hawaii and that is that at some point in time everyone will pass away. How it will occur will vary greatly though. Some will die of natural causes after living a long, full life, but others dies relatively young due to a disease or illness or because of injuries suffered in a fatal accident. Anytime a loved one dies it can be difficult for the family and friends who survive them, but those that die in fatal accidents can be particularly difficult because they are unexpected, leaving the loved ones no time to prepare.

In addition to emotional difficulties the family will go through, they could also go through financial difficulties as well. This is especially true if the deceased earned the primary income for the family. Figuring out how to pay bills each month can become a difficult task and that does not include any medical bills the family incurred prior to the death, funeral costs and other expenses. These families may be entitled to compensation though through a wrongful death lawsuit.

Campaign highlights drunk driving dangers in Hawaii

You may have noticed the beat-up cars lining stretches of Farrington Highway recently. More than an eyesore, these unfortunate vehicles serve as a reminder of the tragedy that drunk driving can inflict on residents and visitors of Hawaii. The holiday season may have just ended, but it is always a good time to be aware of the risks you and your family can face from intoxicated drivers.

According to Hawaii News Now, since the Honolulu Police Department and numerous other groups started the campaign, drunk driving fatalities decreased during previous holiday seasons. However, fatal traffic accidents are increasing in the Aloha State. Last year at this point, there were 46 traffic fatalities, 11 of which were pedestrian accidents. This year so far, there have been 61 fatal traffic accidents in Hawaii, which included 27 pedestrian deaths.

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