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Can you pursue a wrongful death case?

There is no worse feeling than hearing that someone you love has unexpectedly passed away. You may have just spoken to them or have been hoping to see them soon, but the reality is that they're no longer with you.

Catastrophic injuries that lead to sudden deaths are heartbreaking. Whether it's a spinal injury that ends the life of a child who was in a car crash or a brain injury that was caused by an unprotected fall at a local theme park, the reality is that your life won't ever be the same. Your family may never truly be what it was before.

Are helicopter tours safe?

Recent events are raising questions about just how safe it is to take a helicopter tour in Hawaii. Even as a resident, you may still like the idea of taking an occasional helicopter tour to break the day-to-day monotony. However, such tours also come with inherent risks, and it is important that you fully comprehend the dangers associated with helicopter tours so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether to take one.

According to Fox News, statistics reveal disturbing information about just how dangerous helicopter tours are for locals looking to get a bird’s-eye view of a particular area.

Get the right support if you're injured in an accident

No one wants to suffer from an injury. Most people go out of their way to make sure that they won't get hurt or can get to where they're going safely.

The problem is that many people don't consider how their actions may affect others. A teen who drinks with friends might think that they're getting away with something they're not supposed to do and not consider the potential risk to others. A driver who is texting might be more concerned about their conversation than what's happening on the road.

Hardboiled egg products recalled after listeria outbreak

Hawaiians buy things from the store on a daily basis. Clothing, medication, toys and food are all purchased in sizeable quantities. Most consumers do so without batting a lash, too, with little to no concern for their own safety. Yet, the sad reality is that dangerous products lurk on store shelves. Perhaps the scariest thing is that many people, even those who are entrusted to keep our products safe, don't realize that these products are being sold until it's too late.

As an example, let's take a look at a recent recall related to eggs. According to reports, more than 30 different food brands have issued a recall due to hardboiled eggs that have spurred a listeria outbreak that has left seven people infected and one person dead. The eggs stem from a Georgia producer who supplies hardboiled egg products throughout the country. The recall affects some of the country's biggest retailers, including Trader Joe's, Kroger and Walmart.

The wrongful death award and its modification

The sudden loss of a loved one can send emotional shockwaves throughout a Hawaiian family. Surviving family members can find it difficult to move on with life without the love and support of their lost loved one. Children are oftentimes forced to grow up without parents, spouses have to move on without their other half and parents have to find a way to live life without their child. This emotional devastation can be enough to be overwhelming, but the truth of the matter is that financial losses also contribute to surviving families' hardships.

Fortunately, many of these families have the ability to recover compensation for their damages, if they can succeed on a wrongful death claim. Proving liability in one of these cases can be challenging enough, but even those who are able to do so, must still prove the extent of their losses before they can recover compensation. Therefore, proving damages is an important part of a wrongful death lawsuit.

How vicarious liability can apply to a motor vehicle accident

An accident caused by a semi-truck or some other type of commercial vehicle can have devastating consequences for unsuspecting motorists. Far too often, these individuals suffer catastrophic injuries such as those that affect their brain and spinal cord. The physical, emotional and financial losses that stem from these motor vehicle accidents can be overwhelming and threaten to derail an individual's life at a time when they feel utterly cheated by the party who caused the accident in question.

While a personal injury lawsuit filed against a negligent driver may lead to the recovery of compensation, in many instances these negligent individuals are unable to pay for the full extent of the damages they have caused. This can leave motor vehicle accident victims in a tough financial position without additional recourse. Fortunately, though, these individuals have another option, which would be pursuing a vicarious liability claim.

Medical malpractice claim filed after delayed diagnosis

If you've ever conducted an online search in hopes of diagnosing some symptoms that you have been exhibiting, then you've probably noticed that a single symptom can be a sign of something as minor as the common cold or as severe as cancer or some other type of terminal disease. In other words, usually, without additional testing, it is impossible to determine what causes a particular symptom to manifest. This is why we turn to medical professionals who are educated and trained to make accurate and timely diagnoses.

Yet, even these medical professionals fail to live up to their duty of care, as evidenced by one recently filed medical malpractice case here in Hawaii. There, a woman claims that a nurse and a doctor both failed to appropriately follow up on blood testing, which would have clearly shown that she suffered from kidney disease.

Research shows legislation does little to curb distracted driving

The next time you travel down one of Hawaii's roadways, take a look around to see just how many motorists are actively using their cellphones behind the wheel. While Hawaii and many other states across the nation have laws in place that ban the use of handheld cellphones while driving, research shows that many drivers in Hawaii and across the nation fail to heed them.

According to Car and Driver, a recent study on the prevalence of distracted driving in America reveals some troubling findings regarding the rate at which U.S. motorists continue to drive while distracted. The study shows that, while new legislation prohibiting cellphone use and distracted driving is reducing the problem to some degree, the issue is still widespread, even though drivers are admittedly aware of the dangers associated with doing it.

Dangerous products can lead to personal injury claims

Those who live and work in Hawaii, as well as those who visit the state, don't give much thought to the products they use. This is for good reason. After all, federal regulations seek to ensure the safety of these products so that consumers are not put in harm's way. Under these regulations, many products, including medications and automobiles, must undergo rigorous testing. In theory, this testing weeds out unsafe products. However, the sad reality is that far too many dangerous or defective products make it into the market, and innocent, unsuspecting consumers are injured as a result.

Fortunately, individuals who are harmed by dangerous products may be able to recover compensation for their damages, which may include pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages. In order to successfully recover this compensation, though, these individuals must demonstrate that the product in question was defective in some way. This can occur in one of three ways.

Our firm fights for favorable personal injury claim outcomes

Previously, this blog discussed the costs associated with caring for various types of spinal cord injuries. The grim reality is that this type of injury in financially ruinous for many victims, and they may not even be the only type of injury suffered by an individual who is harmed in a motor vehicle accident. Additionally, those who suffer catastrophic injuries in a car accident often have other damages that are noneconomic in nature. Trying to figure out a way to pay for unexpected and exorbitant medical expenses can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when trying to focus on one's recovery.

Fortunately, victims of car accidents caused by negligent driving don't have to face these matters on their own. Instead, they can choose to seek out legal assistance. A competent personal injury attorney will know what it takes to impose liability and increase a victim's chances of success. This often means engaging in thorough discovery and crafting legal arguments that are strongly founded on the law and applicable rules of evidence.

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