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How will a medical team treat your brain injury?

Traffic accidents can have a big impact on your life. In a serious crash, you could suffer a brain injury. This can be anything from a mild concussion to a devastating bleed. It's important that anyone who hits their head or who suffers an impact immediately seeks medical care so that the severity of the injury can be determined.

When you seek medical care, you may need to go through several tests. Your medical provider may:

  • Perform diagnostic imaging tests such as computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging or X-ray scans
  • Perform a physical exam

U.S. Coast Guard releases new duck boat requirements

If you like to take boats out on the water in Hawaii, you may know the familiar duck boats. These stretch boats have been used for years as tourist boats that take people around the waters on the islands.

You should know that many people have been hurt or killed in accidents involving these boats. That's why the U.S. Coast Guard has now agreed that these boats should no longer have side curtains or canopies. This decision was made following a boating accident in Missouri, which took `17 lives.

Opioid overdoses: They could lead to malpractice claims

When you or a loved one have to take pain medications, it's important that your medical team pays close attention to the medications you're taking and how they could affect you.

When your spouse was first prescribed opioids, you thought they were safe. Over time, he developed a tolerance, so his medical provider boosted his dosage. That tolerance turned into a dependency. Even when he didn't want to take the pills, he'd have withdrawal symptoms. The provider brushed him off, suggesting that opioids weren't addictive.

Rear-end crash kills 1, involves 4 vehicles in Hawaii

When you're driving to work or school, you don't expect to get into a crash. You usually have your mind on the road and other things, like what you're going to do when you get where you're going.

Unfortunately, other drivers can be reckless, and their actions could lead to you suffering an injury or being killed in a crash. Take, for example, this case out of Hawaii in which a 46-year-old man was killed.

The relationship between cell phone usage and car crashes

The National Safety Council reports that the dangerous activity of driving while using a cell phone causes 6 million traffic accidents each year.

Many drivers use their cell phones for sending and receiving text messages, which provides plenty of time for a devastating vehicle crash to occur.

Hurt in Hawaii? You have the right to seek compensation

Being on vacation in Honolulu, the last thing you want is to deal with an injury. Unfortunately, car crashes can happen anywhere. As you were taking a tour, your guide lost control, and you ended up with significant injuries. Now, you're in a hospital with limited access to anything you wanted to do in Hawaii.

While you have been able to get medical care, you know that this has hindered your enjoyment of your vacation. You also don't know if you'll be able to return to work quickly or if you will need to take time off for recovery. It's hard to deal with a personal injury at any time, but since you're out of your home state, it's even more complicated to deal with.

What are the effects of a severe concussion?

In a car crash, there are many different kinds of injuries that could occur. Some might include spinal injuries or brain injuries, broken bones and soft-tissue injuries. Of all the injuries you could suffer, one of the worst is a brain injury.

The most common kind of brain injury, a concussion, may not seem particularly dangerous because of how many people suffer mild versions of them all the time. However, a serious concussion can have lasting implications in your life. If you hit your head in an accident, it is essential that you seek medical attention immediately.

What are the common types of medical malpractice?

It's hard to believe a doctor making a mistake. Pop culture holds physicians in very high esteem, and ordinary people can practically revere them after a close call with injury or illness. But doctors and other health care professionals are human beings, and all kinds of human beings are capable of mistakes.

  • What are the most common errors in hospitals and clinics?

Diagnostics are a special branch of medicine because the wrong diagnosis can cost a life. Misdiagnosis is a very common mistake among the types of them, although the damage done by this mistake can vary wildly. Surgical or medication errors are also possible, either as part of a misdiagnosis or another type of mistake.

  • What sort of harm can be done during or after mistakes like this?

Hurt in a crash? Your attorney can step in and help

A personal injury can stop you in your tracks and make it nearly impossible to live a normal life. You may struggle to live the way you did before the crash or accident that led to your injuries.

Despite this happening and people knowing who was to blame, it still falls on you to file a claim against the other party. Insurance companies rarely offer compensation without being pushed. You may be in the hospital or dealing with issues in your personal life, but making that claim is an essential component to getting the compensation that you need.

1 dead, 1 in critical condition after motorcycle-pedestrian crash

Crashes are fairly common, even in a beautiful area like Honolulu. Unfortunately, they sometimes lead to the worst-case scenarios that no one wants to think about.

Take for example a case out of Iwilei. A woman was walking across the street in a marked crosswalk on Nimitz Highway at around 9:00 p.m. Two vehicles stopped for her and were allowing her to cross, but a man on his motorcycle overtook the two vehicles and headed straight for the pedestrian.

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