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Medical errors are a real threat to patients' safety

Each year, thousands of men and women are treated by doctors and medical specialists for different injuries and illnesses. They expect that when professionals in the medical field see them that their ailments will be properly identified and will receive therapies and treatment that will improve their health. However, some patients become victims of medical malpractice when the care that they receive is tainted by medical mistakes.

Medical errors can take on many forms. They can occur in the diagnosis of medical conditions as well as the treatments prescribed for accurately identified conditions. They can happen when patients undergo surgical procedures, doctors operate at the wrong sites of their bodies or when doctors perform the wrong procedures on them.

What damages may I pursue if I am hurt in a maritime accident?

There are many occupations that may require workers to perform their duties on ships, boats and other vessels. In Hawaii, where navigable waters exist off of practically every island coast, many people make their livings by taking their work onto the ocean. For those with careers that keep them at sea, The Jones Act generally covers injuries caused by their employers and their work duties.

Fatal pedestrian accident claims life of Waianae man

Collisions between vehicles and humans are often tragedies. When a car hits a person, that person often has little to protect them from the unforgivingly hard surfaces of the vehicle, road and other obstacles that may be in their path. As a result, pedestrian accidents are often fatal occurrences that leave Hawaiian families coping with the losses of their loved ones.

Recently, a vehicle-pedestrian accident happened in Nanakuli. The victim was a 74-year-old man who was struck by a car on Farrington Highway. The accident occurred in the very early morning hours, and a 50-year-old man drove the vehicle that hit the male pedestrian. It is unknown why the elderly victim was on the highway at the time of the crash.

A review of common car accident injuries

Not long ago, this Honolulu-based personal injury legal blog offered an article on how motor vehicle accident victims could suffer serious whiplash injuries. This post will expand on that topic, introducing some of the other common forms of injuries that individuals may suffer if they are involved in car crashes and collisions. Although readers are encouraged to review this information, they are reminded that the contents provided do not offer any legal or medical advice.

An unfortunate number of vehicle accident victims suffer significant harm to their heads. This is because when a person's car is hit, the impact can force their head to move forward and backward at a rapid pace. While this movement can also be the cause of whiplash, a neck and spine injury, it can also cause a victim's head to hit a steering wheel, window or other interior surface of a car and may result in concussion or other significant trauma.

Always see a doctor following a car accident

Hawaiian roadways are not exempt from terrible traffic fatalities. Between Jan. 1, 2016, to Nov. 13 of the same year, 100 people lost their lives throughout Hawaii. While most people survive traffic collisions, there are still a number of injuries people can develop as a result of a crash.

You may feel all right and not want to go to a doctor because you simply want to go home and rest after such a traumatic experience. However, you always want to see a doctor after a car accident because you want to make sure your insurance provider pays for any medical expenses and vehicle repair costs in a timely manner. This is especially important because there are a number of injuries that may not show themselves until weeks or months after the crash. 

Representation for fatal vacation accidents

People who visit the Hawaiian Islands can also face threats to their health and safety if the vendors and businesses they utilize for their adventure experiences fail to protect them from preventable harm. When exciting experiences become life-threatening emergencies, victims may find themselves spending their time in the hospital with debilitating injuries, or even worse, coping with the losses of loved ones.

In the recent weeks, a tragic accident occurred when individuals visiting a popular American city were killed in a helicopter crash. The victims, who included all of the helicopter's passengers except for the pilot, were trapped in their seats when the aircraft collided with a body of water. This incident is only one of many that illustrate the very real and sometimes deadly dangers that individuals can face when they engage in leisure and adventure-based activities while on vacation.

Avoid social media after a motor vehicle accident

Hawaiian law enforcement has gone to great lengths to educate residents of public safety issues with the state's roadways. The state's Department of Transportation invested in numerous campaigns over the years to inform residents of such dangers as driving while under the influence and driving without wearing a seat belt. 

While fatalities make up a minority of car accident outcomes, plenty of people sustain injuries. You will need to see a doctor and follow your insurance agency's protocol to ensure you get as much health care coverage as you need. Unfortunately, many people have yet to realize posting on social media before a case is over can lead to extremely negative outcomes. 

Do I have legal recourse if my doctor misdiagnosis my illness?

Most people trust that when they go to their doctors, they will receive a careful review of their symptoms and overall health from their medical professionals. They may expect to be asked questions about how they feel or may expect to submit to testing so their doctors can gain more information about their conditions. When a Honolulu resident leaves their doctor's office, they generally should feel confident that their medical professional has correctly identified the source of their ailment and has provided him or her with a treatment that will improve their health.

Unfortunately, this is not always how doctors' visits play out. In fact, from time to time a person may leave their medical professional's office with a diagnosis that is erroneous. Misdiagnoses occur when doctors fail to comprehensively review their patients' conditions and fail to order further analyses and testing that may yield better information regarding what ailments their patients are dealing with.

Understanding injuries incurred at hotels and resorts

Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The pleasant climate and array of exciting outdoor adventures that are available for visitors to experience make it one of the most sought after destinations for travelers. When travelers arrive on the islands, they are often taken to magnificent resorts and hotels that offer them comfortable accommodations for the duration of their visits.

Many hotels and resorts undertake extensive measures to prepare for travelers. This is because guests at hotels and travelers can be considered invitees on these types of properties. Invitees are individuals who are invited to the hotels and resorts, rather than trespassers or licensees, who go onto properties for their own and sometimes illegal business.

Recognizing traumatic brain injuries due to auto accidents

Auto accidents can lead to a number of different injuries, including trauma to the brain. Such injuries can lead to life-altering or even life-threatening circumstances. Thankfully, it is possible to seek reparations for injuries when the responsible party was negligent.

It is important to recognize and treat these injuries immediately. There are a few signs to look for in parties who have been in auto accidents.

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