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Man suffers head injury in hit-and-run pedestrian-car accident

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When there is an auto accident in Honolulu or anywhere in Hawaii, one of the basic requirements for those involved is that they remain at the scene to make sure there were no injuries and to call for help if there were. This is especially imperative when it is a pedestrian accident as there is an overwhelming likelihood that the person will have suffered personal injury. For drivers who decide to flee the scene, it becomes a hit and run accident. After hit and run accidents, the injured person and his or her family must think about the future by contacting a lawyer experienced in auto accidents.

A hit-and-run crash left a pedestrian, a 27-year-old male, in critical condition. The accident occurred at shortly before 4 a.m. Law enforcement believes the vehicle was heading west and hit the man. The pedestrian is thought to have been in the crosswalk when it occurred. The vehicle was said to be an older white panel van. There is an ongoing search for the vehicle and the driver. Investigators believe speed was a probable factor. The man who was hit had a head injury. The investigation is continuing.

When there is a pedestrian accident, the victim can face many more significant injuries than if he or she was in a vehicle. The lack of protection that pedestrians have leaves them inherently vulnerable to broken bones, spinal cord damage, brain trauma and much more. They can be confronted with major medical costs, the inability to work and the need for extensive care to perform even the basics of life. In a worst-case scenario, the person will die and the family will face the future without a loved one and the contributions that he or she made to a family. A legal filing can help with the personal, financial and emotional impact from such an accident.

A man who is believed to have been crossing the street in the crosswalk in the early morning hours was hit by a panel van that was apparently speeding. He suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized. The police are searching for the hit and run driver. As the injured man is treated and the search continues, it is important for the injured man to have legal assistance from a law firm that is experienced in helping those who have faced a pedestrian-car accident and its aftermath.