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Proving fault when someone is injured on a cruise ship

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Maritime Injuries |

There are many ways to enjoy the ocean surrounding Hawaii. Many of these options include being on ships for fishing expeditions, tourist boats and other reasons. One of these other options is going on a cruise ship. These ships are basically resorts on the water and offer many different entertainment and relaxation options for people to enjoy. However, just like resorts on land, there are accidents that occur on them and people suffer injuries.

The cruise ships may be liable for these injuries under maritime law if the accident was due to their negligence or willful actions. This usually means that the ship operator or their employees either knew or should have known about an unsafe condition on the ship and did nothing to rectify the situation or at least warn passengers about it. Proving that the ship operator was negligent will require witnesses who saw the accident occur and maybe even expert witnesses who can testify about whether the ship operator use due care in a certain situation.

It is important to gather potential witnesses and evidence at the time of the accident as well. It is generally the victim’s burden to demonstrate that the ship operator was negligent and that negligence resulted in the accident and the injuries. If the victim is successful, they could be entitled to compensation which can pay for medical bills they incurred, lost income if they were unable to work and even compensation for pain and suffering.

Many people take cruise ships in and around Hawaii for vacations. They often times are a very enjoyable time, but many people do have their vacations ruined by accidents that result in injuries. These victims may be entitled to compensation though if the accident was caused by the ship operators’ negligence. Experienced attorneys understand what evidence is needed to prove fault and may be a useful resource.