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Rules for commercial water skiing companies

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2019 | Maritime Injuries |

There are many fun activities that people enjoy in Hawaii. Many of these activities involve being on the water and both tourists and residents enjoy these activities. It could be sailing, cruises, snorkeling, surfing, jet skiing, water skiing and many others. However, in order to enjoy these activities many people, especially tourists, need to use the various commercial companies that offer them. Also, while these activities are very enjoyable there are also potential dangers involved with them and people could suffer maritime injuries, especially if the company operates them negligently.

To try and ensure the safety of the customers there are many rules in place that the companies must follow. For example commercial companies that offer water skiing have many rules. The company must have two sober people on the boat at all times, one operating it and one watching the skier. The boat must have a ladder so people can get in and out of the water easily and have lifesaving devices. They also must ensure that they do not allow people who are intoxicated to ski and must not take people skiing at night. There are additional rules as well.

One of these other rules is that they must provide reasonable care. If these rules are not followed the skiers and other people on the boats could be hurt. Some of these injuries can be very severe as well. They could require significant medical treatment and long-term rehabilitation. They may also lose time at work which means they could lose income. So, these accidents can be damaging physically and financially. The victim may be entitled to compensation from the company though which can at least ease the financial burden.

Usually when people are enjoying the various water activities in Hawaii, they have a great time and are unharmed. However, not everyone is that lucky and some are injured during the activities. These victims may be placed in a very difficult position as a result, but if the company they hired was responsible for the injury they could be entitled to compensation for the damages they incurred as a result. Experienced attorneys understand the importance of this compensation and may be a useful resource.