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Common types of maritime accidents

by | Apr 19, 2019 | Maritime Injuries |

People in Hawaii work many different types of jobs. However, given the fact that it is an island many of these jobs occur either on boats or around the water in some manner. There are jobs that provide recreational activities for people who live here and tourists who come to visit. Others work on the boats involved in the maritime industry involved in shipping goods around the world. These in particular are very big operations requiring many people and heavy machinery.

This combination can create a dangerous work environment if the safety precautions are not followed or equipment breaks. There are many different types of maritime accidents that can occur and these accidents can cause serious injuries to the people involved in them.

Some of the more common types of maritime accidents are equipment accidents. These can occur if equipment is not used properly or are not repaired properly after breaking. Inadequate training can also lead to accidents. Commercial fishermen also have many accidents often caused by the long hours and the relative small size of the boats they work on. People can also suffer onshore accidents while loading and unloading ships. There can also be fires and electrical issues, chemical exposure, injuries caused by repetitive movements, slips and falls and many other types of accidents.

These accidents can cause serious brain injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, workers may lose limbs and suffer a number of other injuries. These injuries can be very devastating for the worker who may require significant medical treatment and lose income if they are unable to work. These workers may be entitled to compensation for the injuries though which can be very valuable as they recover.

Many people in Hawaii work on boats and understand the dangers associated with the jobs. Unfortunately some people experience these dangers first hand and suffer severe injuries as a result. These people may have a long road to recovery, but they may be entitled to compensation to at least ease the financial burden. Experienced attorneys understand the importance of this compensation and may be able to assist.