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Hawaii maritime workers should get legal help after accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Maritime Injuries |

An alluring attraction of Hawaii is the proximity to water. As an island, people want to visit the state to take part in water-based activities and go to the beach. For those who live and work in the state, many jobs require duties on the water. Although this too is an enjoyable part of living in the agreeable climate of Hawaii, it also carries with it certain risk. People who serve as maritime workers, crew members, are stationed on oil rigs, are fishermen, work in tourism and more can suffer injuries and even death if there is an accident. Understanding what to do after being hurt in these circumstances is essential to the future.

There is no doubt about the dangerous aspects to working on the water or on the docks. Longshoremen must navigate heavy equipment and trust other workers to be cautious and vigilant. Unfortunately, accidents can happen without warning. That can including being hit by a vehicle, having items fall from high above, losing limbs and suffering cuts and other damage. Fishermen must spend significant time out on the water using netting and grappling with sharp tools. This is also the foundation for injury. Working in tourism requires spending long days on the water and preparing for unexpected eventualities. This can lead to accidents and injuries.

Even experienced maritime workers can be victims in an accident. They might not think it will happen to them, but it can and often does without warning. Then they will be confronted with medical costs, lost wages and more. A hospitalization and extensive treatment can be massively expensive. Lost income can make the situation worse. Often, workers are unaware of their rights and are confronted with disputes as to who was at fault for the injury or if it even happened on the job at all. Having legal protection is a must in any case.

Legal assistance is the key to a successful legal filing and receiving sufficient compensation to cover medical expenses and lost wages in the present and future. Gathering evidence, taking the necessary steps to file the claim and overseeing the investigation are all part of a lawsuit to be compensated for maritime injuries. A law firm that has helped many Hawaii maritime workers should be contacted as soon as possible to begin the process of a legal filing for compensation.