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Bedsores can be a sign of nursing home neglect

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Hawaiian nursing homes are entrusted with the care of perhaps the most vulnerable amongst us: the elderly. Fortunately, carefully vetted nursing homes often provide sound care for loved ones, ensuring that they receive the individualized care they need and deserve. Yet, in some instances, nursing home staffs fail to live up to their duties, resulting in substandard and negligent care. This can result in a nursing home resident being seriously injured or killed in a way that is wholly preventable. In these situations, victims and their families should carefully consider whether pursuing a nursing home neglect lawsuit is in their best interests.

One way nursing home neglect presents itself is through bedsores. Although relatively common, bedsore, also referred to as pressure ulcers, develop when an immobile individual is not moved often enough to prevent prolonged pressure on certain areas of the skin. As a result, bony portions of the body, such as the hips, heels and buttocks, can see degradation of the skin, including swelling and the development of fluid under the skin that then seeps out.

While many bedsores heal on their own with appropriate care, severe cases and those that are not treated appropriately or in a timely manner can result in serious medical conditions. For example, infection affecting the skin, joint, and bones can develop, thereby damaging them. This can result in damaged bone and tissue, resulting in decreased functioning. A certain type of cancer can also develop when bedsores don’t heal. Sepsis, which is a poisoning of the blood, can also develop. This condition can prove fatal.

In too many instances, nursing home employees fail to ensure that immobile nursing home residents are moved frequently enough to avoid bedsores. Then, once bedsores are identified, they sometimes fail to take corrective action that prevents more serious conditions from developing.