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Common causes of fatal crashes in Hawaii

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Most Hawaii drivers are careful and responsible, but they must share the road with other drivers who take needless risks. When these risks wind up causing a car crash, innocent people can become seriously injured or even lose their lives.

How big is the fatal car crash problem in Hawaii?

According to one report, approximately 300 fatal motor vehicle accidents took place in Hawaii from 2017 to 2019. On Oahu, Farrington Highway from Lualualei Naval Road to Maliona Street saw the most fatal accidents at seven deadly crashes. This made it the deadliest highway in Hawaii during that period.

What are the causes of fatal car crashes in Hawaii?

One common cause of fatal motor vehicle accidents in Hawaii is speeding. It can be tempting to drive over the speed limit, especially when we are in a hurry or running late. However, the speed limits are set with the safety of all motorists in mind. Disobeying speed limits can be considered negligent behavior, and if a speeding motorist causes a crash, they could soon face a personal injury lawsuit brought by the injured party.

Another common cause of fatal motor vehicle accidents in Hawaii is driving while intoxicated. Hawaii residents and tourists alike often enjoy a drink on the beach or at a restaurant. However, when one or two drinks become three, four or more, a person can become dangerously intoxicated. If they get behind the wheel in an intoxicated state, they risk causing a serious car crash that injures or kills someone else. If so, they could face a personal injury lawsuit based on negligence.

A third common cause of fatal motor vehicle accidents in Hawaii is distracted driving. Most of us are aware that texting and driving is dangerous, but that does not stop some people from trying to use their cellphones while driving. Cellphone use is distracting, but it is not the only way a person could be distracted behind the wheel. Chatting with passengers, eating and grooming while driving are also common forms of distractions. If a person causes a car crash because they were trying to multitask behind the wheel, they could be sued on the grounds of negligence.

What can you do if you are injured in a car crash?

Being injured in a car crash can be financially devastating. After all, you likely racked up some significant medical expenses that you cannot afford, especially if you are unable to work due to the crash. Insurance does not always cover all your expenses following a crash, especially future expenses and pain and suffering. For this reason, some people involved in a motor vehicle accident in Hawaii choose to learn more about whether they have grounds to pursue a personal injury lawsuit based on negligence.