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Statistics show worrisome rise in Hawaii car accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2023 | Car Accident |

A car accident can leave you with major injuries, high hospital bills and significant pain and suffering. Many car accident victims are even afraid to get behind the wheel of a car again.

Unfortunately, statistics show that there were more traffic-related deaths in Hawaii in 2022 than in the previous three years. According to the Hawaii Department of Transportation, there were 117 traffic-related deaths in 2022.

Many fatalities occurred around the holidays

This number is higher than in 2021, 2020 and 2019, but the same as in 2018. There is no definite known reason for the increase, but traffic deaths and arrests involving alcohol increased around the holiday season, according to Honolulu police.

Speeding is another factor cited in the accidents. Drunk driving and speeding are forms of negligent driving, along with distracted driving, drowsy driving and failing to properly maintain a vehicle.

Statistics also show that pedestrians and bicyclists are the ones most affected by negligent drivers. The state is attempting to deal with this problem by educating residents on driving safely around these groups.

Steps to take after a car accident

You may be in shock in the immediate aftermath of a car accident caused by a negligent driver. That is understandable. You should make sure everyone at the scene is safe and seek medical attention for your injuries.

Call the police and keep a copy of their report. However, be careful with what you say to the police. If you believe the accident was not your fault, things you say could be taken as admitting responsibility for the accident.

Take photographs or videos of the accident scene, including any injuries and vehicle damage. If you require medical treatment, follow your doctor’s instructions and attend all follow-up visits.

Assessing your losses

Once you are recovering, you might begin to think about the impact the accident has had on your life. The medical bills are probably starting to come in and you may have been forced to take time off work to heal. You may have even lost your job if you could no longer perform it.

These types of losses from a car accident can quickly pile up. You can recoup some or all the losses through a personal injury lawsuit. That requires proving that the other driver was negligent.

This means showing they failed in their legal duty to drive safely, and that failure caused you damages. You must prove your total amount of damages, so you should save medical statements, wage statements or other documents proving the amount of money you lost because of the accident.

Pursuing a lawsuit is often overwhelming when you are healing from an accident. Support and guidance from a professional can help you through this tough time.