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Operators of skydiving plane did not have proper permits

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | Wrongful Death |

Many Hawaiians and visitors to Hawaii are adventurous people. Hawaii offers many ways to enjoy the outdoors including surfing, climbing, hiking and aerial pursuits such as skydiving. Although skydiving has inherent risks, the owners of skydiving companies should be following state and federal regulations. After last month’s tragic fatal accident, new revelations have emerged about an Oahu company.

The state of Hawaii recently released documents saying that the skydiving company operating the plane that crashed, killing 11 people last month, did not have the proper permits for skydiving. The company was not in good standing with Hawaii’s Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. The Department sent the skydiving company a permit application for skydiving and requested documents about its plane along with almost $30,000 in fees. The company was also not a registered tenant for the state land that it was operating on. In addition to these permit violations, the plane was also involved in a crash in 2016 in California which required 14 skydivers to jump to safety.

Even if a person wishes to engage in an activity that has risks involved, the company sponsoring the activity should be doing everything possible to minimize those risks and make sure every safety guideline is followed, necessary permits are obtained and all equipment is in working order. When a company fails to take their customer’s need for a safe experience into account, they should be held liable. A legal professional who specializes in wrongful death can help a family who is dealing with the loss of a loved one due to no fault of their own. An attorney can investigate the cause of the accident and help determine who is at fault. Compensation may be available for medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages.

When a company neglects safety regulations and has a blatant disregard for government rules, they put their customers’ lives at risk. It is important to hold these companies responsible for their mistakes so that other families don’t have to go through the tremendous heartbreak of unexpectedly losing a loved one.