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Living in an agreeable climate with seemingly endless activities is a benefit for people who choose Hawaii as their home. It is also one of the most prominent vacation spots on the planet. In this tropical paradise, one of the last things people think about is suffering personal injury whether that is from an auto accident, injuries suffered on the job, medical errors, or in any circumstance where people have faced catastrophic injury and death. The aftermath can be overwhelming and it can be complicated when the injured person and his or her family are deciding on their next steps. It is in these situations that having an experienced, competent and professional attorney like Richard Turbin can be helpful.

With four decades of experience, Richard Turbin understands personal injury claims

In addition to legal acumen, Mr. Turbin has achieved recognition and is held in high regard for involvement in local causes. As part of the citizen board in his neighborhood, he has spent half of his 40 years as its chairman. The goal is not to change the world or alter the fundamentals upon which the country was founded, it is simply to help people with their everyday challenges. That includes solving the basics people are confronted with each day and extends to his legal practice in assisting those whose lives have been negatively impacted by personal injury. Multilingual and well-traveled, Mr. Turbin understands legal cases from every perspective from his time as a lawyer in the Peace Corps and a deputy public defender. From fighting against perceived neighborhood desecration to ensuring that the beaches are clean and safe, the positive attitude that led to achieving notable results is exemplified in his personal and professional endeavors.

Having practiced in Honolulu for nearly four decades, Mr. Turbin’s wide range of experience stems from his upbringing in New York City, education at two Ivy League institutions – Cornell and Harvard – and practical work in the courtroom. Among the successful cases he and his colleagues have handled are medical malpractice with birth injury; a ship worker who was injured and permanently disabled; a person who was hurt taking part in a whale watch tour; medical misdiagnoses; and auto accidents from motorcycles, pedestrian crashes, golf cart collisions and more.

When seeking legal help in Hawaii, having a dedicated advocate is key

The personal injury firm that bears his name stands out because of its attention to service and innate concern for his client’s well-being in the present and future. This encompasses getting the proper medical treatment to address the injuries that were incurred as part of the accident, dealing with future costs and ensuring that any lost income or personal challenges are addressed head-on with those responsible held accountable. People who are seeking assistance after an accident should be cognizant of ties to the community, education, experience and professionalism. To have a representative who embodies these attributes and more, Richard Turbin may be the wisest choice.