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What might cause a boating accident and what are my options?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2022 | Maritime Injuries |

Water-based activities are undeniably popular throughout Hawaii. This is true for people who were born there, longtime residents and visitors. While boating is an enjoyable endeavor, there is no doubt there are dangers involved with it. People can suffer catastrophic injuries and lose their lives in an accident or incident. Often, they are preventable and others are at fault for them.

There are ways to try and ensure the boating venture is safe from a personal perspective. However, that does not mean others on the water will adhere to the same protocol. They might even violate the law. There are ways to prevent accidents, but it is also wise to know what types of boat accidents are the most typical to avoid them. It is also beneficial when deciding what to do after an accident has already happened.

Understanding the most frequent causes of boat accidents

Boat accidents can occur for somewhat easily explained reasons like not paying attention, an untimely slip, problems with the boat itself, risky behaviors and an unexpected occurrence. For example, people might find themselves stranded in the water because they ran out of gas or the boat broke down. That might not seem to be a major issue as they will simply need to call for help, but if they are stuck at night or another boat is speeding and unable to stop in time, it could lead to a collision with the possibility of severe injuries and death.

Behavior is a common challenge for boaters. Excitement and enthusiasm are always aspects of taking a boat trip. People are entertaining family and friends, they are trying to show them a good time and might make mistakes that lead to an accident. Slipping overboard, boating while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or violating the law by speeding can be the precursor to a regrettable incident.

The weather is always a concern. It takes nothing more than misreading a weather report, ignoring warnings or getting caught in an unexpected storm to cause the boat to capsize, sink or for there to be a fire. There could have been a pre-existing issue with the boat that a rental company did not know about or failed to warn the renters about. Injuries and death from this could leave them liable.

After a Hawaii boat accident, having advice is vital to assess the case

When there is a boating accident, people who were affected should know they are receiving help from someone who understands Hawaii. These individuals will know the local laws, be aware of nuance with areas in which people were boating, how dangers should have been addressed and prevented, and investigate the case fully to determine how to proceed.

If, for example, a family was on vacation and a family member suffered injuries in a boating accident because another boater was under the influence and behaved recklessly, this must be shown as the case moves forward. Since serious injuries will have a wide-ranging impact on the person’s life with medical expenses, a changed lifestyle, inability to work, problems interacting with a family and more, it is imperative to act quickly to try and recover for what was lost.

The client must be the primary focus and aggression should be used when it is needed to get results. It is also wise to consult with legal professionals who have people on staff who speak several languages to make communication easier for those from other countries. Knowing how to pursue a claim is imperative and having advice is vital from the beginning.