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Tourists must be aware of potential accident risks

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Hawaii is understandably one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With the litany of attractions and activities – not to mention the weather – people from all over either visit the state or plan to do so. Still, when visiting Hawaii, tourists who are taking part in various activities that are available, they must be cognizant of the potential for accidents with injuries and death.

Personal injury incidents are not simply related to auto accidents, work accidents and slipping and falling. People might be taking part in tourist activities like hiking, snorkeling and boating. While these are generally safe, there is a known risk for accidents. It is important to remember that those who are overseeing the activity could bear responsibility for the accident and injuries the tourist suffered. Knowing what steps are available to hold them accountable is imperative.

Snorkeling and hiking: popular and dangerous

Among the more tourist-friendly activities people take part in in Hawaii are snorkeling and hiking. In general, people take part without facing any injuries and long-term ramifications. However, there are dangers. One notable snorkeling incident led to a tourist’s death and a lawsuit.

A woman and her husband were visiting from Michigan in 2022. They had already visited Hawaii numerous times. The husband went snorkeling while his wife took a trail walk. As she was walking, she saw her husband being assisted by others as he was having difficulty after exiting the water. When she arrived at the beach, he was in distress. Emergency responders were called, but he died.

According to the medical report, the man drowned. His wife does not believe that assessment because she witnessed him leave the water still alive. He was also talking as he began to feel unwell. Drowning is statistically the most common reason for tourists to lose their lives in Hawaii. Most happen when people are snorkeling.

While snorkeling is dangerous, people might not realize that land-based activities could also put them in jeopardy. Notably, hiking can be problematic. In early 2024, an area known for its scenic beauty and appealing hiking areas was the site of a New York tourist losing his life in a fall.

The accident happened a Hanakapiai Falls Trail. The man, 30, was seen by a witness falling after slipping on a rock. This specific area is one of the more popular hiking areas in Hawaii. The area itself does have certain dangers when stepping on potentially slippery boulders. Hikers are advised to be careful, but warnings do not always prevent tragedy.

People can fall great distances below and lose their lives. This was just one of many incidents where people have either fallen or had medical episodes while hiking that resulted in death.

Tourists must be cautious while also understanding their rights

It is wise to be careful when visiting Hawaii and taking part in the available activities. Hiking, snorkeling, boating and other water-based trips can be endlessly enjoyable, but carry with them challenges that can result in injuries and fatalities. In many cases, there were issues that should have been addressed beforehand and were not. That could make a personal injury claim a viable alternative to recover for all that was lost. For information about this, it is essential to have comprehensive guidance that is experienced with tourist accidents in Hawaii.