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Did Your Vacation In Paradise Turn Into A Nightmare?

People come to Hawaii for sightseeing and adventures. Unfortunately, those fun activities sometimes turn dangerous, resulting in serious and disabling injuries. It can be scary and stressful to be injured when you are far from home.

The legal team at Turbin Chu Heidt in Honolulu can help you navigate the local legal system and maximize your compensation. Our personal injury lawyers handle cases throughout Oahu and all the Hawaiian islands.

Reach out to us for a free consultation: If you were injured at a resort or hotel, or during recreational activities, arrange an attorney consultation to explore your possible injury claims: 808-796-5685.

Local Attorneys For Mainland Visitors Who Need Legal Help

In 40 years of practice in Honolulu, we have represented countless people injured while visiting Hawaii for business or leisure. Our attorneys and staff will take care of everything so that you can get your bearings and focus on healing as fully and quickly as possible.

Our lawyers are personally involved in investigating your accident and identifying liable parties and insurance coverage. Contact us for any tourism-related injury such as:

  • Accidents on rented scooters or motorcycles
  • Auto accidents (including rental cars or jeeps)
  • Injuries while riding a taxi or airport shuttle
  • Parasailing or skydiving injuries
  • Boating Injuries and Jet Ski injuries
  • Hotel accidents (pool or hot tub injury, slip-and-fall)
  • Assaults at a hotel or resort
  • Snorkeling, swimming and diving injuries
  • Injuries on guided hikes, bike tours or sightseeing boats
  • Medical negligence at a hospital or medical facility
  • Other vacation and recreation injuries

Why You Need A Local Hawaii Firm: The Problem With Hiring Your Hometown Lawyer

Many people wait until they return to the “mainland” to contact an attorney. They just feel more comfortable with a firm back home.

First, it is important to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible, rather than days or weeks later. Second, your case is in Hawaii: the witnesses, the liable parties, the state or federal court venue. Even the insurance company attorneys will be based in Honolulu. Lastly, that attorney in your home state will likely refer you to a Hawaii law firm anyway — for a percentage of the fee.

Free Consultation: We Are Here To Protect Your Rights

Whether you are still in Hawaii or recuperating back home, you need a locally based firm to advocate for you. We are familiar with the laws, the courts and many of the property owners and companies involved in these claims.

Call 808-796-5685 to arrange an appointment or use our online form to tell us about your tourist/recreation injuries and we will follow up soon.