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We represent victims of medical malpractice incidents

Doctor visits are rarely fun. In fact, most of the time, people go to see their physicians because they are either hurt or sick. When a health problem or crisis arises in the life of a Hawaii resident, they may have to make a trip to their preferred hospital or clinic to have their ailment remedied by a medical professional.

Even though going to see a doctor is not something individuals look forward to doing, it is an important part of maintaining one's personal health. Doctors are trained to recognize and identify the medical problems that afflict their patients and to provide them with adequate care to cause those problems to improve. Because doctors are in a unique position to provide their patients with specialized knowledge, they are held to an important standard when they are performing their medical duties.

A doctor who meets their duties to their patients and whose standard of care is comparable with that expected of someone in their profession generally will avoid claims of medical malpractice even if their patients do not always experience the best possible outcomes based on their conditions. This is because different patients respond to treatments in different ways, and no outcome can be guaranteed in the practice of medicine.

However, a doctor who breaches their duty to their patients and whose standard of care is deficient may be held liable for the harm that their inadequacies cause to those who trust them. Turbin Chu Heidt, Attorneys at Law fight for individuals who have experienced loss and harm from their doctors' mistakes, errors and misjudgments. Medical malpractice is an important part of their personal injury practice, and they are prepared to take on the cases of men and women who have been harmed by their medical professionals.

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