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Failure To Diagnose Or Delayed Diagnosis

There is a scientific process for reaching the right diagnosis. Part of that process is ruling out the most serious possibilities first. When doctors and hospital staff fail to follow protocols, the result may be a harmful misdiagnosis or a critical delay in the proper diagnosis and treatment.

The medical malpractice lawyers of Turbin Chu Heidt have successfully sued physicians and hospitals for the devastation caused by failure to diagnose serious medical conditions. Based in Honolulu, we take cases across Oahu and all the Hawaiian Islands.

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Medical Malpractice In Diagnosis Errors

We have handled undiagnosed conditions, delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis cases:

  • Delayed diagnosis of cancer, resulting in a lost chance to fight the disease at a treatable stage
  • Failure to diagnose heart attack, stroke or other acute conditions
  • Delayed diagnosis of gangrene, resulting in loss of limb
  • Wrong diagnosis, resulting in unnecessary surgery, radiation, etc.
  • Incorrect diagnosis, resulting in severe emotional distress

Diagnosis mistakes occur for a variety of reasons. Doctors may dismiss patient complaints as hypochondria or psychological problems. Doctors fail to order blood work, mammograms, MRIs or other tests that would have revealed the condition. Lab technicians botch the tests or fail to communicate results. Physicians and radiologists incorrectly interpret tests.

We know what questions to ask and what records to obtain to determine where the errors occurred. The attorneys of Turbin Chu Heidt are skilled at demonstrating that the outcome would have been different if the medical professionals had done their job correctly.

Damages for misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis may include the costs of surgery or other medical intervention, nursing or hospice care, lost earnings, diminished quality of life, reduced life span, emotional distress, and pain and suffering. We also pursue wrongful death damages when undiagnosed illness leads to premature death.

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