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Traumatic Brain Injury

If a loved one suffered brain damage in an accident, it is important to work with an experienced lawyer who is well-versed in such injuries. You cannot afford to leave money on the table when those funds must cover years or a lifetime of special needs.

At Turbin Chu Heidt, we take the time to understand the specific ways our client is affected by a traumatic brain injury. Working with victims, family members and medical providers, we can then portray to the insurance company — or a jury — what amount of compensation is merited.

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Brain Injury Accidents In Hawaii

We have practiced in Honolulu for over 40 years, with a long record of settlements and verdicts for catastrophic injuries. This includes recoveries for people who suffered brain injury as a result of direct trauma, such as striking the head in a fall, indirect trauma such as the whiplash effect from a car crash, and from oxygen deprivation as in a swimming accident or surgery gone wrong.

We carefully document the degree of traumatic brain injury (TBI), medical treatment and rehabilitation, and the long-range impact on the person and the family. We take the time to portray the unique symptoms and side effects, which may include cognitive deficits, problems with memory or concentration, physical disabilities, impaired balance, emotional outbursts, depression and personality change.

Many clients will need assisted living, nursing home care, physical therapy, counseling and other services for the rest of their lives. Many cannot work or must retrain for other jobs. Our job is to make sure that these needs are reflected in the settlement. If the defense won’t pay fair damages, our trial lawyers are prepared to go to court.

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We provide a free consultation and we take cases on contingency — no attorney fees unless we secure your compensation. It is important to seek medical attention promptly if there is any sign or suspicion of brain trauma. A delay in treatment and diagnosis can cause further damage. It is also good to contact a lawyer as soon as possible to preserve your rights and evidence of liability. Contact our Honolulu office today.