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Injured In A Pedestrian Or Bicycle Accident?

Honolulu has one of the highest rates of pedestrian accidents of all U.S. cities. For a variety of reasons, people walking and biking here face greater risk of serious injury from encounters with motor vehicles.

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Why So Many Pedestrian And Bicycle Accidents?

Many factors combine to increase the risk for pedestrians and bike riders in Honolulu and throughout the island:

  • This is paradise — People walk and bike year-round.
  • Tourists — Visiting drivers are unfamiliar with local roads and traffic laws.
  • Aging — The population in Hawaii may be older than other comparable cities. Many injury victims are seniors crossing the road.
  • Traffic — The highways and beachfront roads are busy and congested.
  • Safety — Many intersections and roads do not have sufficient space to be designed for pedestrian safety. Hawaii perennially ranks near the bottom of the list of “bike-friendly” states.

Proving Negligence And Damage

When a cyclist or pedestrian is hit by a car, there is often a tendency to blame the victim. Our attorneys conduct a prompt and thorough investigation to establish that a careless or reckless driver was at fault. Was the driver texting or otherwise distracted? Driving too fast? Turning without yielding? Infringing on the crosswalk, bike lane or shoulder?

A pedestrian accident or bike crash tends to cause severe injuries such as broken bones or head trauma. These injuries cause physical and financial hardships for victims and their families. We explore all sources of insurance coverage, including the victim’s own policies (uninsured/underinsured motorist or homeowners insurance), to maximize compensation for our clients.

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