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Bus And Taxi Accidents

Tourists rely on taxis and shuttle buses to get around Oahu. Many locals use the bus system or hired rides like Uber. Riding in buses and taxis can be dangerous, and pedestrians and people in other vehicles are also at risk of serious injury in case of a collision.

Turbin Chu Heidt can help if you suffered lasting injury in a bus-related or taxi-related accident. Our Honolulu lawyers have a strong record of recoveries in personal injury cases throughout Hawaii.

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Skilled Representation For Serious Accidents

In more than 40 years of practice in Oahu, our attorneys have handled every scenario of bus and taxi accidents:

  • Riding the bus — Injuries to passengers during a quick stop, lurching start or collision with another vehicle
  • Walking or biking — Pedestrians and bicyclists clipped by buses at intersections or bus stops, or on a bike lane or shoulder of the road
  • Collisions — Car drivers and their passengers injured in a crash with a taxi, UberCab, limo, airport shuttle or public transit bus (The Bus or the Handi-Van)

We know that the injuries in these cases can be very serious. Bus riders are either in seats without seat belt protection or standing and holding onto a pole or strap. Taxis often lack proper seat belts and child car seat restraints. And getting hit by a bus or shuttle van usually results in major injuries if not fatality.

Compensation For A Bus Accident Or Taxi Accident

Our law firm investigates promptly to preserve evidence and witness statements. We explore all angles of liability and sources of insurance coverage — the bus or taxi driver as well as the employer. Sometimes we have to pursue additional compensation under our client’s own insurance, or against a third party. In claims against government entities like Oahu Transit Services, it is important to contact a lawyer right away because there is a shorter deadline to file claims.

In any injury case, we work closely with clients and medical professionals to present a fully documented case for damages — medical, wages, disability, and pain and suffering.

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