Aviation Accidents

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Flight is part of the daily reality here in the Hawaiian Islands. While many airlines uphold standards of keeping their planes in good repair and hiring experienced pilots, some airplane owners do not know or follow the rules of flight safety. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a plane crash, you have the right to sue for compensation to cover the damage done to you.

At Turbin Chu Heidt Attorneys at Law, our Honolulu personal injury attorneys have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients, and our contingent fees mean that we do not charge any legal fees unless our clients recover financial damages. We have been successful with several aviation cases, including one where an individual was injured when a piece of metal from a plane fell off and hit him as it was flying overhead.

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Understanding Aviation Accident Claims

If you have suffered from someone else’s negligence, our Honolulu aviation accident lawyers are ready to determine the best course of legal action for defending your rights, pursuing justice, and seeking the financial recovery you deserve.

Our Honolulu aviation accident attorneys are ready to thoroughly investigate and skillfully present your case by:

  • Pulling the maintenance records of the plane
  • Confirming whether or not there was pilot error
  • Finding whether or not the plane manufacturer created a defective product
  • Consulting experts to confirm evidence and have them testify
  • Advocating for your rights in trial if necessary

Whether your accident occurred on a commercial airline, a sightseeing tour, or as a result of a flight in a private airplane, we can help you. We will find all of the parties who are liable for your injuries and present your case to the insurance company.

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If the insurance company is not interested in settling your case for a reasonable amount, we will take your case to court. Backed by 35+ years’ experience, we are aggressive advocates because we know that is what it takes to get you the compensation you are entitled to for your injuries.

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Case Results


Birth injury Medical malpractice case for newborn’s disabilities.

Case Results


Prison Medical Malpractice Failure to treat and diagnose an infection causing multiple organ failure and blood circulation. Such required both legs and both hands to be amputated.


Car accident Auto collision case (details are confidential).


Brain injury Failure to timely treat headaches resulted in brain injury, memory loss and ability to ambulate.


Medical malpractice Death from a Maui medical facility’s delayed treatment of heart attack symptoms.