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Emergency Room Malpractice

By definition, people who come to the emergency room are in distress. However, the ER staff is trained in assessing patients with urgent medical conditions and providing appropriate diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner.

Lawsuits for emergency room errors are not about second-guessing every death or diagnosis. It becomes medical malpractice when ER physicians, nurses or technicians stray from accepted medical practices or fail to even evaluate patients who come in with life-threatening conditions.

If your loved one died or suffered serious injury because of negligence by medical professionals in ER, the attorneys at Turbin Chu Heidt can determine if you have grounds to sue. We have a strong record of results in medical malpractice cases.

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Holding ER Doctors And Hospitals Accountable For Grave Mistakes

Our lawyers are skilled at identifying the mistakes in triage, diagnosis and treatment that resulted in adverse outcomes or preventable death:

  • Failure to assess new patients in a reasonable time frame
  • Failing to administer basic tests or indicated follow-ups
  • Failure to diagnose acute conditions (heart attack, stroke, internal bleeding)
  • Leaving critically ill patients in a waiting room or hallway
  • Intubation errors (breathing tube/feeding tube)
  • Medication errors (contraindications, wrong drug or dose)
  • Errors in emergency surgery
  • Premature discharge (failure to admit or hold for observation)

The result of negligent ER care may be death, cardiac arrest, brain damage, organ damage, amputation, loss of use and another serious or permanent harm. We make physicians and hospitals pay damages for medical bills and future care, lost income and earning capacity, disabilities, and pain and suffering. If necessary, we are prepared to go trial to hold the negligent parties accountable.

Put Our Experience To Work For You

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