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What can be done after a surgical mistake?

A surgical procedure may be deemed necessary by a person's doctor to remedy a medical problem that cannot be fixed with less invasive treatments. It may be needed to fix a muscular or organ-based ailment in a Hawaii resident, or it may be needed to remove a mass or tumor from a location in the patient's body. Many surgical procedures carry with them risks and patients must be made aware of those risks before they consent to undergo the operations.

However, in some instances patients suffer surgical errors that do not have anything to do with the possible risks associated with their procedures. These errors occur when the doctors and medical personnel responsible for their care make mistakes and undertake surgeries that do not meet their patients' needs. For example, if a person requires surgery on their left shoulder but their doctor does the operation on their right shoulder, that patient is the victim of a surgical mistake and may have a claim for medical malpractice.

Wrong site surgeries are a common form of surgical mistake, as are wrong patient surgeries. A wrong patient surgery happens when a doctor performs the wrong operation on the wrong individual. Many hospitals have protocols in place to account for which patients are having which procedures but lapses in following their own procedures can allow these devastating mistakes to happen.

After suffering a surgical mistake a patient must seek relief not only for their initial ailment but also for the problems that their erroneous surgery inflicted upon them. They may have claims for their medical practitioners' negligence that arise from the state's medical malpractice laws and those who have suffered these preventable forms of harm can speak with personal injury attorneys about their possible claims.

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